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Neumann Business School, is a Postgraduate School recognized by the Peruvian State, authorized to operate through Resolution 400-2012-CONAFU and licensed by SUNEDU through Resolution 163-2018-SUNEDU / CD, after demonstrating compliance with the Basic Quality Conditions.

At present, the Graduate School is regulated by the National Superintendence of University Education, has complied with the adaptation of the Statutes to the new University Law No. 30220 and has complied with the registration of its authorities before the SUNEDU.

More than infrastructure

The EP Neumann has its institutional headquarters in the center of the city of Tacna - Peru, where classrooms are equipped with the latest technology, the Scape library, computer lab, administrative offices, among other services that allow the creation of an integral proposal the students.

Institutional Vision

To be recognized for our academic quality and the use of advanced technology in the development of international programs

Institutional Mission

Create a learning space for the development of skills that add value to the person and their organization.


Institutional Objectives

Train, specialize and perfect professionals, who compete in search of excellence, based on ethical principles; that they be supportive, just and democratic; and that they commit themselves to our society and respect for the environment.

Promote, disseminate and develop scientific research for teachers and students, seeking to innovate and increase knowledge related to the specialties offered.

Procure the constant improvement of teachers, students and graduates.

Collaborate with society and its institutions in the study and solution of national problems through those activities that are their own; by prioritizing the transfer of scientific knowledge to less favored sectors of society.

Perform production activities of goods and services that contribute to the satisfaction of economic and social demands of our country, and promote the participation of teachers and students in them.

Likewise, it may carry out all those acts and contracts that are lawful, without any restriction, such as the purchase and sale of goods, and the rendering of services in general.

Principles of the Institution

The creation and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, both at the service of the integral development of man.

The search for equity, the affirmation of high ethical values and the service to the community for its improvement and development.

Freedom of thought, criticism, expression and teaching.

The academic, economic, normative and administrative autonomy that ensure its improvement and development.

Objectives of Quality

Systematize the continuous improvement of processes to ensure the efficiency, effectiveness and control of academic and administrative activities.

Promote a culture that encourages learning and the development of human competencies, and a better use of the physical resources of the organization.

Differentiate the academic program by its effectiveness in satisfying the expectations of the students, which guarantee the increase of their professional value.



Neumann Business School

Av. Bolognesi 987

Tacna, Tacna, Peru
+51 52 426114


EFMD Equis Accredited
AACSB Accredited