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UVirtual - GMU Universidad Guillermo Marconi

UVirtual - GMU Universidad Guillermo Marconi

UVirtual - GMU Universidad Guillermo Marconi


The Guglielmo Marconi University Is the first online Italian university to be accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education and the first and only Italian university accredited in the United States.

With more than 14,000 students, Guglielmo Marconi University is involved in significant research and innovation. It looks beyond the traditional learning environment, promotes the use of innovative methodologies by combining advanced technological solutions with traditional activities such as lectures, workshops and seminars.

The University strives for its values ​​and mission to meet the needs of all students by offering a variety of pre and postgraduate study opportunities with flexible schedules, continuous enrollment, online classes, virtual labs and simulation. Our research activities are supported by well-equipped laboratories, our production office for Cinematic Arts and Marconi Studios, where students can apply their knowledge and obtain a practical training experience.

Educational model

100% online

The educational model is 100% online and is implemented through a modern virtual campus. All activities can be done from anywhere with just having access to the internet through a computer or mobile device:

  • Each student can choose the best time to study without neglecting their daily activities.
  • Once connected to the campus, students have access to digital resources to study and tools to communicate with their teacher or peers.
  • All student progress is evaluated directly through the virtual campus.

IPad as a study tool

Each student receives at his home a state-of-the-art iPad as a study tool. The iPad allows you to conveniently connect to the campus and access various eBooks carefully selected by the teachers and other resources needed for the courses.


To guarantee the quality of the programs, the student is evaluated weekly through different activities:

  • View Forum Posts
  • Students discuss topics or analyze actual case studies posed by the teacher.
  • Chores
  • Each task is personally qualified by the course teacher.
  • Online exams
  • The exams are automatically qualified by the virtual campus so the student can know their successes immediately.

International Teachers

All teachers have specialized academic training in the area of ​​each course, extensive work experience and international trajectory.

In each course there are videoconferences with the teachers, in which the study is facilitated and the doubts of the students are solved.

Continuous follow-up and support

The educational processes fulfill rigorous standards of academic quality and the students count on a permanent follow-up and support to their learning process, carried out by a team of specialized professionals from the Center of Attention to the Student.


  • Rome

    Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi Via Plinio, 44 , 00193, Rome