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UNIR Master's Degree in Foreign Trade Management and Business Internationalization

Master's Degree in Foreign Trade Management and Business Internationalization


1 Years


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01 Nov 2024

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The master is based on the methodology of the case contextualized in a global environment

In recent years, foreign trade and the internationalization of companies have become a fundamental piece for the economy of countries and the development of economic operators, from large multinationals to small family businesses or even self-employed workers.

For all this, with the Master's Degree in Foreign Trade Management you will be able to train in a comprehensive and multidisciplinary way, covering all aspects of international business and commercial management.

UNIR 's Master's in Foreign Trade is mainly aimed at executives and middle managers, but also at self-employed workers and professionals from different sectors so that they can face the challenges and opportunities presented by the market with solvency.

Objectives of the Master

The objective of this Master is to train professionals with the skills to:

  • Understand the legal (agreements to avoid double taxation, online taxes and internet tax havens), fiscal, economic, financial, commercial and strategic foundations of foreign trade operations.
  • Advise with professional rigor any functional area of the company dedicated to foreign trade.
  • Analyze the main information systems used in traditional logistics and electronic logistics or e-Logistics, as well as design, develop and evaluate the feasibility of a business internationalization project.
  • Evaluate agreements with an expert faculty to avoid double taxation, online taxes and internet tax havens, international marketing, world economic environment, international transport and logistics, international trade legal environment, financial management and risk management.
  • Face the big questions and problems of business management and internationalization, supporting you with real cases and issues, oriented at all times towards practice.

General information

  • Duration: 1 academic year
  • Face-to-face or online exams: at the end of each semester
  • ECTS credits: 60
  • Methodology: 100% online education
  • Live Online Classes
  • Personal Tutor


Live online classes

We offer students the opportunity to attend live online classes every day. During these sessions, students will be able to interact with the teacher and solve their queries in real time, sharing knowledge and experiences. The training rhythm is adapted, as far as possible, to the needs of each group of students. Not attending a live class does not mean missing it. All sessions can be viewed delayed, as many times as you like. Thus, students who cannot follow the class live are not harmed.

Didactic resources

UNIR Virtual Campus provides a wide variety of content with which to prepare each subject. These materials are organized in a way that facilitates agile and effective learning. In this way, it is possible to access the topics that develop the contents of the program, key ideas of each topic (prepared by the teaching staff of the subject), complementary audiovisual material, activities, readings and evaluation test.

In addition, you will have access to master classes on specific topics and you will be able to participate in forums, chats and blogs in which you interact with teachers and colleagues, expanding your knowledge and solving possible doubts.

Personal tutor

At UNIR , each student has a personal tutor from day one, always available by phone or email. The role of the tutor is fundamental in the trajectory of each student since it is the greatest link with the university and its point of reference during the training process.

The tutors offer personalized attention by constantly monitoring each student.

  • Solve doubts about academic procedures, procedures or specific doubts about subjects.
  • Helps with study planning to make better use of time.
  • Recommend which didactic resources of the platform to use in each case.
  • He is involved with the students' studies to help them pass each subject.

Evaluation system

To assess the level of achievement of the objectives obtained in the Master, it is necessary to evaluate the competencies acquired during the study. The final evaluation of learning is carried out taking into account the grade obtained in the following points.

  • Continuous evaluation (resolution of practical cases, participation in forums, debates and other collaborative means and evaluation test).
  • Final face-to-face or online exam.
  • Master's Thesis



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