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The mission of UNIR is the comprehensive training of students in the skills, competencies, and knowledge required to excel in today’s society. UNIR is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our stakeholders: students, teaching and research faculty, administrative staff, public administrations and society in general- by providing quality education that strives for continuous improvement and excellence. We are especially sensitive to attending individuals whose circumstances prevent them from studying on campus or who prefer the more open, innovative solutions that emerging technologies can provide online.


The values of UNIR are:

  • Our commitment to student's success.
  • Tailoring of teaching tasks, attending students throughout their studies and supporting them as they seek employment.
  • Ongoing attention to innovation in our teaching and learning methodology.
  • Fostering and promoting entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Ability to respond to the expectations of students, teaching and research faculty, administrative and service staff, public administrations and society in general.
  • Degrees and study programs that meet the needs of society.
  • Meticulous attention to the quality of instruction and resources.
  • An open approach to the international dimensions of the university education.

In addition, UNIR, the Online University, is specifically committed to incorporating new technologies as an effective tool for learning in a university environment. There are three key aspects of our methodology that we wish to highlight. First, UNIR aspires to provide effective instruction that focuses on each student individually, adapting the pace of the students’ learning process to his/her circumstances. Second, to fulfill this aspiration, UNIR provides each student with a tutor to avoid the problems of anonymity and overcrowding so common in higher education. Third, UNIR ensures that the faculty and management personnel are fully committed to each and every student who embarks—sometimes with considerable sacrifice—on the adventure of pursuing a university degree.


  • Logroño

    Avenida de la Paz, 137 Logroño, 26004, Logroño

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  • Logroño

    Avenida de la Paz, 137 Logroño, 26004, Logroño