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Combining the History and Tradition of the UK With the Strength of the USA And the Future that is Asia

Combining the History and Tradition of the UK With the Strength of the USA And the Future that is Asia The UK and USA have been economic world powers for hundreds of years. Past and current international business has been and will continue to be, influenced by both countries. However, Asia is the future, with rapidly growing economies and over half of the world's population. So perhaps it took a partnership between the US and Asian universities to create a truly visionary program that combines the strength of these three regions into one four-year program of study. Lamar University in Texas, USA and Siam Technology College in Thailand have now done so with the Tri-Continent Degree Program. Many people dream of studying overseas, especially in the US or the UK. America and England offer some of the best higher education qualifications in the world. However, it’s not easy. When you consider the issues of visas, language proficiency and especially MONEY, the dream of getting a degree from the US or UK often becomes a nightmare. Wouldn’t it be great to get the best education possible, in a location where getting your visa is fast and easy and cost of living is low? That does not initially require TOEFL or IELTS scores to begin studying? Where are tuition fees affordable for you: gaining a US university and Thai university bachelor degrees, plus the UK nationally accepted senior management diploma, at about 10% of the cost of what just one year at other US universities would be? The answer, of course, is to somehow obtain high university qualifications from all three: the US, UK and Asia .. and in only four years of study. The Tri-Continent Bachelor Degree Program allows you to gain your university qualifications from all three continents, with the most affordable tuition and living costs available. Make your dream... a reality!

World's Only Tri Continent Programs

The world is shrinking and everyone is going international. Gain three business qualifications in the same program, from the US, UK, and Thailand.


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