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The MBA Tour

The MBA Tour

The MBA Tour


There's a business school for everyone. Meet yours.

Connect with the world's leading business schools at an upcoming Virtual MBA Tour event!

Who we are

The MBA Tour, Inc., a subsidiary of GMAC.

Since 1993, The MBA Tour has been working to narrow the connectivity gap between candidates and business schools by providing dedicated forums that bring institutions and prospective students together for personal engagement. We create an environment where our partner schools have a chance to connect with talent at a powerful, personal level, and foster bonds with highly qualified candidates. The MBA Tour hosts more than 60 business education events each year across 6 continents and connects candidates with business schools from North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and Africa.

In 2019, The MBA Tour joined the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) and is now part of GMAC Connect, a suite of discovery and engagement solutions that provide interested candidates access to business schools around the world while enabling business schools to reach the largest qualified, global candidate pool interested in an MBA or Business Master’s degree. We’ve married GMAC’s unmatched graduate management education market intelligence, reach, and candidate relationships with The MBA Tour’s proven model for creating face-to-face engagement opportunities for business schools with talented candidates.

About our events

The MBA Tour’s events are unique in that every participating school has been screened and carefully selected by our advisory board. At all events, the business school representatives are full-time staff members, enabling prospective students with maximum interaction with the actual decision-makers in the admissions process.

These educational events aim to provide potential MBA students an opportunity to meet with top business schools around the world. The schools host panel sessions and alumni seminars and are available to engage in discussions with prospective MBA students throughout the MBA conference event.

Event format

Admissions panel

Improve your b-school application with advice from admissions representatives.


Meet face-to-face with admissions representatives in small groups.

School presentations

Learn more about and compare various business programs.


Network with alumni, fellow applicants, and admissions representatives.


  • Boston

    120-198 Junction Square Dr, Concord, USA, MA 01742, Boston

    • Mexico City

      Mexico City, Mexico

      • Hanoi

        Hanoi, Vietnam

        • Singapore

          Singapore, Singapore

          • Kuala Lumpur

            Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

            • Jakarta

              Jakarta, Indonesia

              • Bangkok

                Bangkok, Thailand

                • Manila

                  Manila, Philippines

                  • Sydney

                    Sydney, Australia

                    • Delhi

                      Delhi, India

                      • Bengaluru

                        Bengaluru, India

                        • Hyderabad

                          Hyderabad, India

                          • Mumbai

                            Mumbai, India

                            • Chennai

                              Chennai, India

                              • Cape Town

                                Cape Town, South Africa

                                • Nairobi

                                  Nairobi, Kenya

                                  • Abuja

                                    Abuja, Nigeria

                                    • Accra

                                      Accra, Ghana

                                      • Dubai

                                        Dubai, United Arab Emirates

                                        • Ankara

                                          Ankara, Turkey

                                          • Beirut

                                            Beirut, Lebanon

                                            • Brussels

                                              Brussels, Belgium

                                              • Warsaw

                                                Warsaw, Poland

                                                • Rome

                                                  Rome, Italy

                                                  • Berlin

                                                    Berlin, Germany

                                                    • Vancouver

                                                      Vancouver, Canada

                                                      • Calgary

                                                        Calgary, Canada

                                                        • Toronto

                                                          Toronto, Canada

                                                          • Montreal

                                                            Montreal, Canada

                                                            • Ottawa

                                                              Ottawa, Canada

                                                              • Halifax

                                                                Halifax, Canada

                                                                • Washington

                                                                  Washington, USA

                                                                  • San Francisco

                                                                    San Francisco, USA

                                                                    • Los Angeles

                                                                      Los Angeles, USA