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Steinbeis University – Schools of Next Practices Master of Business Administration (60 ECTS) General Management (Online)
Steinbeis University – Schools of Next Practices

Master of Business Administration (60 ECTS) General Management (Online)

Berlin, Germany

12 Months


Full time

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EUR 657 / per month *


* Plus a one-time matriculation fee of €250


What You Will Learn:

This crash course will get you up to speed with changes that have occurred within the business sector since your graduation from either secondary education or university — so that you can use these transferrable skills to better your current or future company.


  • Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation Project
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Leadership & People Management
  • Operations Management and Organizational Design
  • Methods of Applied Science

What To Expect:

Today’s job market is competitive, and it is becoming more and more apparent that simply having a bachelor’s degree or just gaining work experience is no longer sufficient.

The Steinbeis MBA is a broad, practice-oriented management course that gives you a solid business foundation, which is imperative to move up the ladder in your current company or move on to a higher-ranking position within a new one.

At S-Next, we understand the importance of working your way up the ladder and commend those with the perseverance and grit to have progressed thus far in their careers. While years of experience working within your chosen field is important to prove that you can perform well in such an environment, however, our MBA proves to your potential employer that you have had the formal training and therefore possess the necessary skills to work within your chosen field — whether you have a bachelor’s degree or not.

So, if you are someone who went straight into the workforce and doesn’t have the time to study for a 3- or 4-year bachelor’s degree, then this one-year MBA program is for you. Learn the basics of business, close any gaps in your knowledge, and build on your strengths during this thorough management foundation — so that you can gain the confidence, the knowledge, and the proof you need to progress in your career.

Why Study Online?


S-Next’s INSIDER portal makes distance learning easy. Simply log on to your online space and find all your lessons in a simple downloadable format. Skip ahead if you so wish or take time to go back over any difficult lessons as you please — INSIDER allows for total flexibility so that you can work at your own pace. Just remember to submit your assignments by their due date!

  • High Flexibility

At S-Next, we strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to continue their studies to further their careers – no matter their schedule. With our online MBA programs, we provide a unique curricular concept that allows for flexible entry, highly developed online learning, and LIVE virtual seminars, so that you can start your degree whenever and from wherever best suits you. Thanks to our diverse format, you will be able to complete your degree at your own pace – which means that you can easily curate your studies to fit around your work and personal commitments.

  • Support and Interaction

From your very first day as a student at S-Next, our friendly and supportive faculty members and Student Advisory Team will be on hand to offer their encouragement and insights. Discuss topics explored within your modules through intensive content- and reflection-oriented sessions in ouroptional Group Study Sessions (GSS) and take part in our mandatory Group Project Sessions (GPS) for personalized assistance in your individual Transfer Project.

  • Immediate Implementation at your Workplace

Your Transfer Project subject is your choice. Select a topic that not only intrigues and motivates you but also benefits your chosen career path and industry at large. Feel confident in imparting your knowledge directly to the CEO of your organization, if you wish, safe in the knowledge that you have been mentored and assessed by some of the best in the biz.

  • Advanced Digital Learning Solution

Once you are admitted to and enrolled in our university, you will gain immediate access to top-of-the-range learning solutions designed specifically for this master’s degree course. Receive detailed, specialized multimedia materials that will assist you in your respective modules and individual learning – quickly and easily to your computer.

  • International Networking

As an international university based in one of the most exciting cultural hubs in Europe, we welcome an extremely diverse group of students from various parts of the world and fields of expertise to our campus. Make life-long friends and expand your professional network by taking part in our Personal Learning Journey program’s online networking events with current and past Steinbeis pupils.

  • Affordability

Because of the way in which this program is structured, it comes at a more affordable price than your average master‘s program – you will save money by studying from home and not having to incur any moving, living,or travel expenses. To make things even easier, we give you the option of paying your fees all at once, by the semester, or in monthly installments. We also allow an extension of program duration for up to one whole year, free of charge.

Steinbeis University - Schools of Next Practices

At Steinbeis University - Schools of Next Practices, we help people find their path and have a positive impact on the world. By implementing our core study concept, the 5 Circles, into your life, you can and will succeed in reaching the Next Level of your professional life and personal journey. Make our 5 Circles — PURPOSE, CONTENT, TRANSFER, METAVERSE, and SUSTAINABILITY — your daily drivers to pave the way for your career.

Envision your PURPOSE and shape your life and career to fit your ultimate end goal with the support of the highly experienced lecturers and expertly trained student advisory team at Steinbeis University - Schools of Next Practices.

Strengthen your professional and personal qualifications and reach your Next Level through contemporary study CONTENT. Put the latest industry-led innovations and insights learned in the classroom into practice, thanks to our unique TRANSFER-oriented teaching method, and become part of the METAVERSE —the future of work — with our immersive technologies and diverse, digitally taught subject matter. The instructive knowledge and future-oriented perspectives gained during our innovative study programs are guaranteed to ensure your compatibility with modern-day working environments and job roles.

Use the knowledge and qualifications acquired during and after your time at Steinbeis University - Schools of Next Practices to go forth and make a real SUSTAINABLE difference to the world — socially, environmentally, and economically.



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