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Quasar Institute for Advanced Design

Quasar Institute for Advanced Design

Quasar Institute for Advanced Design


For over 30 years, the best Courses in Graphics & Design

The world of design is a fascinating universe, in strong employment expansion, where tradition and innovation find the perfect union, and past and future meet.

If you love planning, if you are looking for Beauty in everything, if you know how to imagine what doesn't exist yet, and if you want to transform your creativity into a working career… Quasar Institute is the place you are looking for

Quasar Institute for Advanced Design has been a cutting-edge facility for academic education, research and innovation in the field of design for over 30 years. A school laboratory that trains the best designers of the future, home to digital artists, 2.0 craftsmen, visionary creatives, and tomorrow's designers.

Quasar Vision

Quasar Institute for Advanced Design, founded in 1987, is a higher education centre that aims to train you in the new professions of design and visual and multimedia communication.

Quasar is where reliability and attentiveness meet innovation and avant-garde progress. And it’s where you will find the right answer to the requests of the ever-evolving job market.

Here is where we promote the constant collaboration between Italian and international companies; here is where our projects will engage you in their every aspect, from inception to realization. Our courses grant first-level academic degrees that are recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, and specialization degrees that are valid internationally.


Quasar Institute for Advanced Design targets people and companies at a global outreach, developing their potential and talent through higher education programs, tailor-made services, local/international partnerships and continuous support.

We establish systems of mutual growth, encourage analytical skills and personal exchange, and create networks of communities who operate with care and passion.

We apply a humanistic approach to research and production, and combine creativity and technology with collaborative and sustainable development.

Cultural activities and research

Quasar Institute for Advanced Design, in parallel to the education activity, carries out constant research and cultural events, with the aim to educate the public on themes across different disciplines.

We promote Italian culture and the Made in Italy brand in the world; we participate in national and international calls for proposals; we organize exhibitions, seminars, workshops and publications.

Quasar Institute for Advanced Design has been the protagonist in more than 300 events since 1987; all of them contributed to grow knowledge and sensibility on topics of real and virtual environments.


  • Metropolitan City of Rome

    Via Crescenzio, 17/A, 00193, Metropolitan City of Rome