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Open University Diploma of Higher Education in Criminology and Law
Open University

Diploma of Higher Education in Criminology and Law

Online United Kingdom

2 Years


Full time, Part time

05 Sep 2024

Oct 2024

GBP 14,544 *

Distance Learning

* total cost; part-time at a rate of 60 credits is £3,636 per year


Crime, justice and the workings of the law are matters that affect us all and often dominate the news. This degree takes a critical and analytical view of the role and functions of the legal system and examines its relationship with crime, criminal behaviour and criminal justice.

You'll explore issues such as the role and place of law in modern society, processes of criminalisation, violence and inequality, and their implications for justice. You'll gain the ability to critically assess everyday understandings of crime and criminal justice, the social, political, economic, historical and ethical dimensions of law, and gain knowledge of the key institutions which make up criminal justice and legal systems.

Key features

  • Explore the complex issues behind today's crime, law and justice headlines
  • Understand, interpret and apply concepts about crime and law to the real world
  • Develop transferable employability skills to support career progression
  • Build a solid foundation for further study


Our qualifications are as accessible as possible, and we have a comprehensive range of support services. Our Diploma of Higher Education in Criminology and Law uses a variety of study materials and includes the following elements:

  • Online study - most modules are online; some have a mix of printed and online material. Online learning resources could include websites, audio/video, and interactive activities
  • Pre-determined schedules - we'll help you to develop your time-management skills
  • Assessment in the form of short-answer questions, essays, and examinations
  • Feedback - continuous assessment includes feedback from your tutor and using this to improve your performance
  • Using and producing diagrams and screenshots
  • Finding external/third-party material online
  • Accessing online catalogues and databases
  • Specialist material, such as works on legal cases and statutes
  • Specialist software, such as OpenStudio
  • Mathematical and scientific expressions, notations and associated techniques
  • Online tutorials
  • Group-work

How long it takes

  • Part-time study - 4 years
  • Full-time study - 2 years
  • Time limit - 12 years


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