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My Lean MBA

The Lean MBA

Madrid, Spain

1 Years


Part time

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EUR 299 *

Distance Learning

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The Lean MBA is an innovative & accelerated 1-year business administration program for busy people, available online, on any device. You will learn 12 functional areas of business (Strategy, General Management, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, ...) over 52 weeks (50 weeks of course + 2-week end-of-year break). By dedicating on average 15-30min/day, learning in total more than 300 bite-sized courses, you will dramatically boost your business knowledge. This will help you: - prepare for management positions - become a more efficient person - communicate better with colleagues and superiors - climb the corporate ladder faster by applying what you'll learn - make smarter business decisions - launch a more successful business - highlight your ability to commit to improving yourself, thus showing a very positive mindset The stronger your business knowledge, the better you’ll perform at the workplace. The better you perform, the faster your career progression will be.

How is such a low tuition fee possible?

The Lean MBA is a 100% online program, which allows us to deliver great quality courses at a small cost. It's also possible thanks to the support of our great professors, who share our vision of making business administration training affordable for everyone.

What will I learn?

The curriculum is made up of more than 300 bite-sized courses across 12 functional areas of business administration:

  1. - Entrepreneurship (4 weeks)
  2. - General Management, Strategy & Leadership (6 weeks)
  3. - Marketing & Sales (8 weeks)
  4. - Economics (4 weeks)
  5. - Statistics & Big Data (4 weeks)
  6. - Operations Management (4 weeks)
  7. - Business Law & Ethics (2 weeks)
  8. - Accounting (3 weeks)
  9. - Finance (7 weeks)
  10. - Human Resources Management (3 weeks)
  11. - International Business (2 weeks)
  12. - Project & Quality Management (3 weeks)

The program is meant for busy people and allows students to learn by dedicating 15-30 minutes a day. Nevertheless, students who want to learn more and get the most out of their Lean MBA experience can take advantage of our additional material (further readings, videos, case studies), as well as discussions with classmates and staff on the groups of their class.

How does MyLeanMBA work?

Every week, you will receive an email to announce the start of a new set of lessons. You have 7 days, until Sunday night*, to complete a series of 6 to 8 courses, lasting 15 minutes on average, and pass the final weekly multiple-choice test. *The deadline is Sunday 11:59 pm Central European Time (CET)

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