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My Lean MBA

My Lean MBA

My Lean MBA


The Lean MBA™ is a 1 year, an online program that teaches 12 functional areas of business administration.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • General Management, Leadership & strategy
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Human Resources Management
  • Operations Management
  • Business Law & Ethics
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Economics & Statistics
  • International Business
  • Project Management & Quality

Program Benefits

Low price

  • Low Price
  • 299€ total or 35€/month

Open to everyone

  • Open Admission
  • No GMAT nor essays required

Great lessons

  • High-Quality Content
  • Lessons created by experts


  • Flexible Format
  • 15-30min/day, online, any device

Why choose The Lean MBA™?

It’s fun: The online platform is interactive, thought-provoking, and insightful - not just another boring lecture. It’s fast: The 15-30 minute lessons will not bore or wear out participants, it will motivate them and get their creative juices flowing. It’s high-quality: Course content is created by experts in their field and revised by MBA professors, mentors, and entrepreneurs. It’s flexible: Access the content by computer, tablet, or smartphone. Content is available even after completion of the course. It’s affordable: At just 299 euros per year per student, this is one of the most cost-effective training solutions available.

What types of businesses can participate?

Startups & small businesses: Improve the potential of your small team. Independent stores: o better in all areas of business in order to expand and grow. Non-business firms: Learn core business skills to complement your current expertise. Corporations & med-large businesses: Train new employees and interns, plus refresh the skills of all your employees. Others: We are open to all types of businesses and can adapt to your unique needs.


  • Madrid

    Madrid, Spain