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MBU - Montreux Business University

MBU - Montreux Business University

MBU - Montreux Business University


We thrive to be innovative – MBU blends traditional business education with a holistic approach, arming our students with both “hard” and “soft” skills. We are also using cutting edge technology. Our students have access to Segways and Gigabit Internet, wirelessly. The whole University is fitted with Smartboards, and we have casting devices (DLNA, Apple TV, Chromecast) in every room. It is important to teach our students how the technology works, but also the moral values, e.g., to be respectful, ethical and responsible. In the modern business world, those qualities are very rare to find in business professionals, thus knowledge combined with soft skills are truly treasured. As such, we make you employable, and the journey to your employment is fun when preparation meets opportunity. What makes MBU special is the fact that students are supported from the very beginning of their journey at MBU until the very end by our staff and faculty members. Even after graduation, we keep in touch with our alumni and try to help them in every aspect of their adult life. Once an MBU student, always an MBU student! Due to our small classes, none of our students feels lost at MBU – each student gets enough attention to make sure they understand every topic covered in class. The fact that our professors are all business professionals is also highly appreciated – they bring their own experience into the classroom, allowing the students to learn not only from books and case studies but also from their experience and their mistakes. Our internationally recognized diplomas, in addition to a multinational and multicultural environment, enable our students to find their dream job or open their own companies. Our students are quite the entrepreneurs! We believe that MBU is a very special place to beat and a very interesting network to be a part of. Success is just one click away – contact us and become a successful business professional you’ve always wanted to become!


Overlooking the beautiful Lake Geneva, Montreux Business University is the perfect learning and inspiring environment. Students have the privilege to study at a university situated just a short walk from the lake and the surrounding French and Swiss Alps. Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe, making it very convenient for our students to travel across the continent during weekends and discover such iconic European cities as Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan. Your investment is in quality. In addition to our various affiliations and memberships, MBU is recognized by global accreditations. Montreux Business University is accredited by and is a member of:

  • ACBSP – Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs
  • ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 29990:2010 – International Organization for Standardization
  • EFMD – European Foundation for Management Development
  • CEEMAN – Central and East European Management Development
  • AVDEP – Association of Private Schools of the Canton of Vaud
  • CVCI – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Canton of Vaud
  • FSEP – Swiss Federation of Private Schools

Our small class sizes enable the students to closely interact with the professors, as well as gain insight from their various global business backgrounds.
Due to the individual attention, small classes provide a more effective learning environment. The international community of the Montreux Business University is growing. We have over 15 nationalities studying at MBU.
Students experience the multinational environment and the renowned Swiss hospitality, help increase global awareness and cultural exchange, all while pursuing their education. The MBU Center for Language Studies offers advanced business communication courses in English, as well as intensive courses in French, that are designed to help students and business professionals quickly acquire the oral and written communication skills they need to be successful academically and professionally. Montreux Business University has a selected number of renowned universities as our partners all over the globe.
We encourage our students to take a semester abroad in order to enjoy the different atmosphere, indulge in the exploration of the new cultures and traditions and make new friends from all around the globe. The list of our partner universities can be found here. MBU is using cutting-edge technology for the coursework and in practice. Our campus has, probably, one of the fastest Internet connections compared to other Swiss universities.
Every student has access to 4 Gigabit/Second LAN and 1 GB/s WiFi down/upload. Our classes are equipped with Interactive Smart Boards, as well as interactive streaming (Chromecast/Apple, DLNA) in every classroom.
Our online courses are supplemented with 360° Video streaming and Virtual Reality tools, and we are proudly investing in latest technology for the benefits of future generations. MBU is a member of the IED initiative. Immersive learning takes place here. We have a unique EIR program. Our Executives in Residence are known experts from companies like Apple, Deloitte, UBS, Credit Suisse or Caterpillar. They have worked as CEO, CTO or CFO. They are/were running the IT, Human Resources, Legal or Finance departments; their field of expertise is Banking, Aviation, Heavy Industries, International Organizations, Audit, Tax or Legal.
Cutting long story short, our Executives in Residence are successful managers and entrepreneurs which are open to giving advice to our students. They show them how to be successful in the challenges ahead of your studies.
Click here to learn more about our Executives in Residence.


Vision & Mission

Apprise innovation, reprise education – that is our motto. At Montreux Business University, we want to provide a business education with a difference by implementing an innovative curriculum that inspires students to develop the hard and soft skills they will need to become successful business leaders who adapt quickly to the changing marketplace. Our mission is to make our students employable. Our international faculty members prepare MBU students to be global business leaders of tomorrow through the holistic personal development and high-quality business education that encompasses eight areas of learning:



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