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Liberty University Master’s in Business Administration - Online
Liberty University

Master’s in Business Administration - Online

Lynchburg, USA

30 Months


Full time, Part time

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USD 565 / per credit

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Our Master’s in Business Administration is a Leader Among MBA Online Degree Programs

By providing a degree program focused on expanding professional business knowledge and training, Liberty University’s online MBA degree is leading the way in master’s level business administration training. The curriculum for this 100% online program builds on your existing knowledge and experience to develop your critical thinking, leadership, and management skills. Whether you are seeking to grow in your current position or explore other areas within the field of business administration, our program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and training you need.

Why Choose Liberty’s Online MBA?

Understanding the core aspects of business is essential for your future success, and Liberty’s master’s in business administration online program will provide you with the essential training you need for a variety of career opportunities worldwide. Each core business class in our online MBA is designed to prepare you for the specialized training you will gain when you choose an area of study. Specializations allow you to concentrate on one aspect of the business world, providing you with a focused degree that aligns with your passions and career goals.

In addition to unparalleled affordability and flexibility, our online master’s in business degree is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). ACBSP is an optional program-specific accreditation beyond what is required by the Department of Education, and its endorsement affirms the value and credibility of your degree. With a Master of Business Administration and specialized training, you can stand out among other business professionals in the corporate world.

What are the Benefits of a Master’s of Business Administration Online Degree?

  • You will have access to a wider variety of job opportunities and advancements.
  • Many employers require a master’s in business administration for new hires and those looking to move up in the company.
  • By specializing in a key area of business, you can become an expert in your field and position yourself for leadership.
  • Can’t decide on just one specialization? Once accepted you can pursue more than one area.
  • More opportunities for increased pay are likely to open up for you.
  • Our MBA online programs are ACBSP accredited. Our School of Business is among only 3% of business schools worldwide to earn ACBSP accreditation.
  • Most students are able to complete our MBA online program in about 2 years.
  • You will have opportunities to network with other business leaders in the program from around the country.

What can a Master of Business Administration do for you?

Gain the skills you need to expand your career horizons! Our many specializations in this program can also prepare you to pursue the following positions:

  • Business development executive
  • Business owner
  • Company executive
  • Organizational manager

What Can I Do with an MBA?

There are many questions you might have when considering going for an MBA. Questions like, “which is more important, job experience or an MBA degree?” Or “can I pursue a master's in business administration while working full-time?” The answer to these questions depends on your job, life experience, and which field you go into. Choosing an MBA master’s that can help you in your chosen field is important. Deciding which specialization you want to study can help start you on the path to a rewarding career.

Liberty University’s MBA programs make it much easier to accomplish the goals you have set for the future. Whether you are already working in a business-related field or you are preparing for a career change, your past job experience can pair well with your choice of MBA specialization. Here are just a few of the jobs you can prepare for:

  • Management Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Company Executive
  • Product Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Business Operations Manager

What Will You Learn in Our Master of Business Administration Online Degree?

Our online MBA degree provides the training you need to grow as an industry professional and business leader. Throughout this degree, you’ll build on core business principles as well as focus on a chosen area of study. You will be taught and mentored by business professionals with years of real-world experience in management and leadership who are invested in the success of their students.

Whether you are interested in finance, international business, nonprofit leadership, project management, or one of the many areas of business, you can find the degree specialization that is right for you. And you’ll be able to do it without compromising your current family or professional commitments. Our master’s in business administration is offered completely online, so you can remain active in your job, with your family, and in your community without the stress of taking classes away from home.

Each of our online master’s degrees in business administration specializations is designed to equip you with the tools and skills you need to incorporate effective communication, productive research, and ethical leadership into your sphere of influence. Choose a specialization you are passionate about, and prepare to see yourself thriving in the business world.


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