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Kepler College - Astrological Education

Kepler College - Astrological Education

Kepler College - Astrological Education


Kepler began as a dream to improve the educational opportunities for astrologers. Originally, this took the form of a 4-year college that included astrological studies embedded in a liberal arts program. The College included specialized study courses to present a survey of techniques from different cultures and time periods.

Our promise to our students and supporters is that Kepler will keep to its primary goal: to provide a high-quality educational opportunity for anyone interested in the broad field of astrology and how it has been practised in different time periods and different cultures up through the present day.

Kepler attracts a wide range of individuals from all over the United States and worldwide, both as students and as teachers. Our students come because they are seeking a world-class astrological education. Our teachers come to Kepler because they are experts in their field and love the chance to pass on their expertise. Our Board of Trustees come because they want to actively participate in continuing and building an institution for world-class astrological education.


  • Lynnwood

    4630 200th Street SW, St H | Lynnwood, WA 98036, WA 98036, Lynnwood