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Instituto Universitario Ortega-Marañón Diploma in Creative and Cultural Industries
Instituto Universitario Ortega-Marañón

Diploma in Creative and Cultural Industries


6 Months


Full time

Request application deadline

Oct 2024

EUR 900 *

Distance Learning

* se hará un descuento del 5% sobre el importe de la matrícula a los alumnos que se inscriban antes del 30 de mayo.


Know the keys to cultural and creative entrepreneurship in the context of the Ibero-American cultural and creative ecosystem. Obtain the necessary knowledge and develop the ideal capabilities to successfully address cultural and creative entrepreneurship by mastering the processes of digitalization and change.

  • Title: Online Diploma in Creative and Cultural Industries
  • Modalidad: Online
  • Duración: 6 meses
  • Maximum registration period: January 15
  • Price: €900

The online Diploma course is made up of:

  • 8 content modules.
  • Study forum.
  • Continuous evaluation tests.

Each of the modules will be inaugurated with a talk by a person of special relevance in the subject to be discussed, given synchronously. In addition, each module will have a series of videos that complement the synchronous class, as well as bibliography for individualized study. The module will be passed through a Permanent Evaluation Test.

During the execution of the course, students will have permanent tutoring to make the best use of the content and learning.

To conclude, the evaluation of the online Diploma will be carried out during a synchronous class where the knowledge acquired and the development of skills will be evaluated.


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