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ESC Clermont Business School Online Doctorate of Business Administration
ESC Clermont Business School

Online Doctorate of Business Administration

Clermont-Ferrand, France

3 Years

English, French

Full time

31 Oct 2024

Nov 2024

EUR 11,000 / per year

Distance Learning


The ESC Clermont Business School’s DBA has been designed around several ambitions.

An academic ambition, first of all, since the School and its partners aim to bring DBA participants, professionals and students alike, into the world of management science research in an international context.

Secondly, it is a scientific ambition, since this program aims to bring together major theories in management sciences and business practices, and to enable, through appropriate support, monitoring, and research framework, the conduct of research that directly concerns the professional activity of participants and the problems of their organisation.

Finally, a shared ambition of educational commitment: that of university partners who position themselves on the international scene and of populations who wish to have access to very high-level training courses that are recognized throughout the world.

Our differences

  • Acquire advanced theoretical skills in management sciences
  • Developing methodological research skills
  • To conduct rigorous and relevant research that is interesting and useful for managers and companies.
  • Developing a scientific approach to management
  • Valuing his DBA thesis in the form of publications in academic journals


  1. A program over 3 years with the possibility of a one-year extension.
  2. Courses in French and/or English
  3. Possibility of writing in French and English
  4. On-line modules and access to resources and databases



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