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Fundación Universitaria Popayán - Univida Course in Agricultural Business Administration
Fundación Universitaria Popayán - Univida

Course in Agricultural Business Administration

Popayán, Colombia

9 Semesters


Full time, Part time

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Distance Learning

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Title: Administrator of Agricultural Companies
Modality: 100% Virtual
Duration: 9 semesters
SNIES Code: 103089
Qualified Registry: Resolution 1560 of February 7, 2014 - Valid for 7 years

In the training process of the Manager of Agricultural Companies is promoted by the development and strengthening of skills that allow him to make approaches and give solutions to complex problems, promoting teamwork, flexibility, thinking and critical attitude, as well as the development of oral and written communication skills; whereby the graduate will have the skills and abilities to:

  • Manage production processes, use, transformation and marketing of goods and services generated by the activities of the agricultural sector.
  • Advance research, advisory and consulting activities in agricultural and agro-industrial companies in the region and the country. Make approaches and provide solutions to complex problems in the agricultural, rural or social field.
  • Manage projects that promote the organization of small producers in the rural sector, with the aim of establishing grassroots associations, community businesses and solidarity economy.
  • To develop in areas of agricultural, rural and social management and entrepreneurship.
  • Perform the management of human talent in agricultural and livestock exploitation units.

Occupational profile

The Administrator of Agricultural Companies graduated from the University Foundation of Popayán is able to serve in positions such as:

  • Manager of agricultural and rural companies.
  • Manager and / or manager of agricultural, agroindustrial, rural and social companies.
  • Agricultural, rural and social companies advisor.
  • Direct and execute agricultural and rural development projects.
  • Agricultural Marketing Manager
  • Production manager in the agricultural company.

Investigation Group


Strengthen applied research through projects that generate new techniques and knowledge for the agricultural, business and administrative sector of the department of Cauca.


To constitute the investigation in a training activity so that through it the students and professors generate development to the region, to the department and to the nation.

Group Objectives

  • Strengthen the permanent advice that allows generating research projects that favor social and economic dynamism, adapted to the concrete reality, that really serves the needs of the environment in which it is applied.
  • Ensure the relevance of research linked to the learning process, through formative research that allows validating in the field as experience the knowledge taught in class.
  • To strive for rural development through an adequate commercialization of products, using regional, national and economic opening marketing channels.


The curriculum of the program of Administration of Agricultural Companies in its virtual modality has been structured based on the guidelines of the Ministry of National Education and its contents have been developed to form an Administrator of Agricultural Companies that responds to the needs and demands of the region, the country and the contemporary world.

The specific contents to be developed in each subject of the program in its virtual modality correspond to the theoretical and methodological developments of the specific area in which the subject is registered and its application to local, regional and national contexts.


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