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Fremont College was founded on the principle that education is the foundation for growth and that students should have the opportunity to develop their full potential. Fremont College’s employers, faculty, and staff believe that anyone who is committed to hard work and has a desire to change their life for the better deserves access to a world-class education.

By combining the best techniques from multiple institutions and theories, Fremont College strives to be an innovator in professional education. Fremont College has grown in size, quality, and innovation. New chapters are being written every day by Fremont College’s employers, alumni, students, faculty, and remarkable advisory board as they become a part of the Fremont College story.

Our mission is to close the gap between the traditional classroom and the 21st-century workplace and empower our graduates to contribute to the community by providing an effective educational experience based on innovative instructional methods.


  • Cerritos

    Studebaker Road,18000, 90703, Cerritos