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Fraunhofer Academy Master of Science in Solar Energy Engineering
Fraunhofer Academy

Master of Science in Solar Energy Engineering

Freiburg, Germany

4 Semesters


Part time

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EUR 25,000 / per course *

Distance Learning

* €18,000 - 25,000 total cost, depending on your level of experience. An additional matriculation fee (currently 161 €) applies for each semester.



Join our global solar community and online M.Sc. program, where world-renowned research flourishes and meets with your studies. Continue studying. Be inquisitive. And get ready to BE THE CHANGE.

Study without borders

This duly accredited online M.Sc. program caters to professionals who want to study online, at their own pace, without disrupting work or family life. Whether you are looking for a new career in the ever-growing solar industry or already have a busy professional schedule, our master's program fits your needs (90 or 120 ECTS tracks). We offer a part-time, online, and flexible learning environment - giving you the freedom to study where you want when you want. You don’t even have to travel far for your exams - we arrange them for you in an online format (it is possible to take the exams in Freiburg if you want to do so!).

The bigger picture

The University of Freiburg collaborates with one of the world’s top research institutes in solar energy, Fraunhofer ISE, to provide innovative, insightful, and tailored training. You can be assured that our M.Sc. in Solar Energy Engineering will broaden your knowledge, widen your skillset, and significantly improve your career prospects. The second partner in this program, Fraunhofer Academy, is Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft’s provider of continuing education and part-time training for people in employment. This collaboration in excellence presents you with unique opportunities.

Solar energy experts - Made in Germany

Our teachers are not only international experts and real-world scientists leading the way in their fields, but they are also dedicated to your studies and professional development. Short, asynchronous lectures combined with a great collection of reading material provide you with the latest theoretical understanding of each topic. References incorporated into videos point you to the most relevant parts of the reading material. Your growing expertise is put into practice with case studies in exercise sheets, quizzes, and self-assessments. Regular online meetings and lively forum discussions with fellow students, tutors, and lecturers will round off your ideal learning experience.

An attractive feature of our program is to gain access to the world-leading research facilities in solar energy for a hands-on experience. This opportunity is during our SEE Lab course, which occurs at Fraunhofer ISE each year in September. Participation in these workshops is mandatory two times during your studies; you get to choose when you want to join the course. These lab courses, next to other events that we organise in the same week, help our students to grow their professional network and become a part of the international PV community. Besides, you have the opportunity to explore Europe's solar city - Freiburg im Breisgau.

And suppose you would like more of that lab experience. In that case, we are happy to welcome you for a whole research semester, which can be arranged as preparation for your master's thesis depending on the availability of a spot in the research teams. Of course, you are welcome to prepare your master's thesis in your home country - we will find the option that suits you the best. Whichever way you decide, we'll support you all the way.

The M.Sc. in Solar Energy Engineering offers you comprehensive, interdisciplinary, technical, and scientific training in the field of solar energy. You will acquire subject-relevant skills, from developing and producing photovoltaic and solar thermal systems to assembling complex plants, power stations, and energy networks. You will optimise parts, systems, and plants while considering innovation, efficiency, costs and service life aspects. This program offers the opportunity to specialise in one or more topics of solar energy, such as solar cell technologies, photovoltaic systems, solar thermal technology, material and cell characterisation and systems integration, and electricity networks.

The modules offered in the program are divided into Fundamental, Mandatory, Elective Modules, and Research Projects. Your final semester is reserved for the execution of your Master's Thesis.

Study Plan

This is an example overview of semesters distribution of modules throughout the years. Each module consists out of one or several different courses. The grading is done per module. So, these are the modules that will also occur on the final transcript. The graphic is designed from bottom to top, starting with the first semester. Each student has to pass two SEE-Labs. These short laboratory workshops can be done during the on-campus weeks in Freiburg during the semester breaks. The graphic shows the full track with an off-campus master’s thesis option; different options are described in the following pages. The master’s thesis is not necessarily connected to the semester rhythm. The thesis is individually supervised, and personal time plans will be applied.

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The student experience

Study online, yet don't miss out on student experience. Throughout your studies, you are closely supported by tutors and lecturers of each module. Regular online meetings with your tutors and lively forum discussions give you plenty of opportunities to exchange views and ask questions. Also, working with other international students in a digital environment and being a part of our online community will never make you feel alone during your solar energy engineering journey.

Program Special

Every year some lucky students are presented with the tremendous opportunity to relocate to Freiburg and join one of the scientific research teams at Fraunhofer ISE, long term. Here you will acquire a unique skill-set that will set you in high demand of the industry. However, there is no guarantee of a spot, and you can only apply once you have enrolled as a student in our program. If you are interested in this option, please talk to us and send us a cover letter and CV.

Visit our website and FAQ page for further details! We are looking forward to your applications and welcoming you to the energy transition revolution!


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