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Florida Christian University Master of Science in Business Administration
Florida Christian University

Master of Science in Business Administration

Orlando, USA

1 Years

Portuguese, Spanish

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Master of Science in Business Administration – 60 credits

This program offers a combination of intelligent critical thinking with real-world practice, this program takes a fresh approach to the traditional MBA curriculum to keep pace with today’s fast-changing world. In each course, students are pushed to excel and gain the skills necessary to enhance their current career or begin a new one in the 21st Century.

This program has the following Minors: Business Administration, Automotive Management, Financial Education, Health Care Services, Neuromarketing, and Cognitive Neuroscience.


Core Curriculum: 36 Credits

  • AD5521 Marketing Research
  • AD5522 Neuromarketing
  • AD5524 Neuroeconomy
  • AD5528 Neurosales
  • AD5529 Neurobusiness
  • CH6034 Assessment for Performance
  • IN5601 Scientific Investigation: Theory
  • IN5602 Scientific Investigation: Project
  • IN6603 Thesis: Research
  • IN6604 Thesis: Writing
  • IN6605 Thesis: Defense

Minor in Business Administration – 15 Credits

  • AD5308 Project Management
  • AD5405 Strategic Planning for Organizational
  • AD5701 Collaborative Economics and Innovation
  • CH5314 Team Building of High Performance
  • EC6201 Macroeconomics

Minor in Automotive Management – 15 Credits

  • AD5525 Leadership in Neuromarketing Management
  • AD5540 Organizational Culture
  • AD6543 Managing Customer Services
  • CH5314 Team Building of High Performance
  • EC6201 Macroeconomics

Minor in Health Care Services – 15 Credits

  • AD5309 Infrastructure and Projects in the Organization of Health
  • AD5731 Finance in Health Care
  • AD6544 Managing Customer Services & Hospitality
  • CH5314 Team Building of High Performance
  • SC5314 Leadership: Practice and Development

Minor in Financial Education – 15 Credits

  • AD6540 Innovation for Entrepreneurs
  • CH5314Team Building of High Performance
  • CM5910 Speech Techniques
  • EC6201 Macroeconomics
  • MA5847 Financial Education: Methodology DSOP

Minor in Neuromarketing – 15 Credits

  • AC5337 Strategic Planning in Neuromarketing
  • AD5525 Leadership in Neuromarketing Management
  • AD5526 Research Technologies in Neuromarketing
  • CH5314 Team Building of High Performance
  • EC6201 Macroeconomics

Minor in Cognitive Neuroscience – 15 Credits

  • NS6010 Communication and Branding
  • NS6012 Cognitive Neuroscience
  • NS6014 Innovation in Neuroscience
  • NS6015 Creativity and Design Thinking
  • NS6016 Neuroscience Laboratory

Electives (3) – 9 Credits


The student completing the Master Degree in Business Administration will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to organize and prioritize.
  • Demonstrate the ability to delegate.
  • Effectively lead a team to arrive at a decision involving a business scenario.
  • Identify points of view and understand the perspectives of others involved.

Entrance Requirements

  • Enrollment Agreement filled and signed.
  • Bachelor degree in a related area of study.
  • Diplomas of previous studies.
  • Official Transcripts of previous studies.
  • Copy of official identification.
  • Debit Authorization (if desired).
  • A passport-type photo.
  • Pastoral Ordination if it were the case.

Steps to Enroll

  1. Application: Complete the Enrollment Agreement sent by e-mail by the Student Services Department of FCU, sign and scan the document.
  2. Documents: Send the Enrollment Agreement to [email protected] attached with all the documents necessary or send them by mail.
  3. Evaluation: After receiving the Enrollment Agreement and the copies of the requested documents, verification will be made by the corresponding departments. FCU will contact the students if additional documents are required. Transcripts must be official and sent directly from the university in a sealed envelope.
  4. Payment: If the student completes the Agreement and submits all required information, the next step is to pay the $260 Application and Enrollment fee, which is applicable to any program. (Application $40 & Registration & Processing Fee $110.00 – are not refundable + USD $110.00 Evaluation – refundable).
  5. Enrollment: Should the student’s Agreement require additional analysis by the Institution, the student will be informed immediately. After being approved, the student will be effectively enrolled and will receive a welcome letter, the Catalog, and the Student Handbook. After that, the online student will receive an e-mail with information on how to access the Student’s Portal and the template to be used their assignments. On-campus students will receive their class schedule. The Student ID Card will be sent by mail. Now the student is ready to begin their classes!

Mode of Study

Three-Course Delivery Methods: Face-to-Face/Synchronous/Fully Online (Student's Portal).

4th Method for those who live near the headquarters or a branch of FCU: Hybrid.

Classes start immediately after enrollment, on an ongoing basis. For online courses, students take a minimum of (1) one online course a month. For on-campus courses, invitations are sent out and students confirm their presence a minimum of (2) two weeks prior to the course date.

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