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AED 800 *

Distance Learning, On-Campus

* *price may vary according to the program from AED 800 to AED 4000



Python Developer

Introduction to programming fundamentals, problem-solving methods, and algorithm building. Learners gain knowledge of procedural and object-oriented programming. Python developer course Discusses data types, functions, parameter passing and object-oriented design. This course covers an introduction to the many tools available for writing and executing Python, and gets learners programming rapidly.

Learning Outcome

  • By using multiple python frameworks to build games and apps
  • Projects based programming Using practical practice activities to show fundamental logic, programming, and program implementation in Python

Game Developer

This course will help them to create small games using JavaScript programming. In this course, you will get hands-on game development experience with JavaScript.

Learning Outcome

  • Learning Javascript Programming
  • Using multiple frameworks and libraries to develop games
  • Develop professional games using a game engine
  • Developing 2D and 3D games
  • The debugging of event-driven programs
  • Design and program a handheld game

Jr. Coder

Kids who take the Junior Coder Certification learn how to program in Scratch, which takes their knowledge of programming to a new level. In this course, kids will be challenged to develop their own mobile applications and even enhance existing ones. From brainstorming to final project completion, kids will experience different stages of development.

Learning Outcome

  • Use tools to build games, animations & apps
  • Enhance Problem-solving skills
  • Get an advanced level understanding of video and picture editing
  • Understand the programming concepts using multiple coding platforms

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