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Escuela de Escritores


The story is written by you

Welcome to the largest school of Creative Writing in Spanish in the world, welcome to the Escuela de Escritores :

We all have a story to tell and we can all find the best way to do it. Because, yes, you can learn to write. Writing is a trade and, as in any trade, the first step is to know and master the techniques that will allow you to exercise it masterfully. Teaching this trade is the raison d'être of the Escuela de Escritores . Learning it is not only within reach of geniuses touched by the divine finger or blessed with the gene of writing: the thousands of people who have passed through our classroom and virtual classroom discover it every day for fifteen years.


When an occupation is exercised with mastery, it becomes art and when we talk about art we also talk about those intangibles that are talent or inspiration. Talent is not learned, but you have little or much, you can develop it in the right environment. Writers have always needed to surround themselves with other writers in search of guidance or advice (remember literary gatherings or the epistolary relationship among many of them). Escuela de Escritores is a meeting place for Spanish-speaking writers from around the world, a community where you can share the experience of writing with your classmates, guided by many of the best teachers of Creative Writing in Spanish.

Because to begin to write is only the beginning. There are many writers who, when asked why they write, what they get at so many hours before the blank page, respond with two words: more life. A writer lives many lives: his and all that he discovers within himself. Something breaks when we write: that layer of fear that separates us from the world, from true emotions. On the other side we are born fragile words, that a writer learns to care until they meet in phrases that, with patience and a lot of trade, end up being stories, novels, scripts, poems, art, life.


If your desire is to train you as a writer, get started in the secrets and techniques of this difficult and exciting job, we will not disappoint you. We can not promise success, or thousands of readers, or the discomforts of fame, that literary glory that some confuse with being a writer; but we can guarantee a solid, complete and well-structured training that will allow you to learn all the techniques and resources of the trade: a training on which you can build your voice and your speech, that life that beats in your interior and that only you you can count.


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