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ESADE Specialization Program in Corporate Innovation

Specialization Program in Corporate Innovation

6 Months


Full time

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EUR 8,100

Distance Learning


Commit to a culture of innovation thanks to agile methodologies.

Why This Program?

Introducing new lines of business and maintaining business positioning requires much more than a well-defined strategy. Our program focuses on taking professionals from the initial stage of the idealistic 'what' to the pragmatic 'how', providing key methodologies and knowledge such as Lean and Agile to translate efficient innovative strategies into daily business reality.

Develop an innovative mindset to meet your clients' needs with maximum resource efficiency and process standardization, ensuring success and sustainable growth.

What Are You Going To Get?

  • Make strategic decisions to promote innovation and link it to the corporate strategy
  • Manage change by adopting effective growth technologies
  • Lead a long-term sustainable innovation portfolio, adding new products and services while optimizing current ones.
  • Restructure the organization to fully satisfy the needs of your clients.

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