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ENACO European Bachelor in Real Estate

European Bachelor in Real Estate

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1 Years


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EUR 3,771 / per year *

Distance Learning

* payment in 2 installments (-10%)


The objectives of the Real Estate training

The Real Estate Bachelor allows students who already have a level of education in real estate or a significant level of experience to specialize in a transaction or real estate management profession. It aims to strengthen initial training or provide the theoretical knowledge necessary for new real estate professionals. From the start of their training, students will have to choose between two options: real estate transaction or real estate management.

ENACO allows you to prepare your Real Estate Bachelor in one year. The distance learning European Real Estate Bachelor offered by ENACO is a European Bac +3 level diploma delivered by the FEDE (European Federation of Schools). It allows you to obtain 60 ECTS credits and to continue your studies with a Master's degree.

An internship period is included in your distance learning European Real Estate Bachelor . Lasting 12 weeks, this internship will allow you to put into practice the theoretical skills acquired during your training. This training can also be covered by Continuing Professional Training schemes.

Skills developed

The distance learning European Real Estate Bachelor covers a wide range of skills that you will master at the end of your training. If you opt for the Transaction specialization, you will be trained in:

  • Evaluate rights and real estate in a given market
  • Promote real estate
  • Analyze and assess the situation of customers and / or prospects
  • Draft real estate sales or rental contracts
  • Negotiate on behalf of the different parties

Students opting for the specialization in property management will be trained in:

  • Ensure the budgetary and accounting management of the building
  • Conclude management mandates according to the particularity of the property
  • Manage leases over their entire duration
  • Develop and perpetuate a client or real estate portfolio
  • Evaluate, promote or maintain client real estate

Prerequisites & conditions for obtaining

The distance learning European Real Estate Bachelor is accessible to people who have completed a Bac +2 or equivalent diploma allowing them to obtain 120 ECTS credits. It awards 60 ECTS credits.

The training program

The teaching program targets former students in the areas of transaction, rental management and co-ownership management, addressing the specificities of the European market. In order to specialize in a field, students must choose one of the two modules “Transaction” or “Management”

The European project: culture and democracy for citizenship in action

  • Geopolitics of Europe
  • Contemporary history of European construction
  • How the EU works & its challenges, challenges for the future
  • the EU and the world

Intercultural management and human resources in Europe

  • Intercultural management in Europe
  • Human Resources in Europe

Professional expertise: module common to both specialties

  • Market analysis
  • Legal framework
  • Architecture
  • Town planning
  • Construction
  • insurance
  • Environment

Specialization module: Real estate transaction

  • Activity framework
  • Market analysis
  • Prospecting
  • Evaluation of the sale price
  • Assessment of the rent amount
  • Drafting of the mandate
  • Dissemination of the good
  • Negotiation
  • Financial analysis
  • Finalization of the sale / lease

Specialization module: Property management

  • Activity framework
  • Co-ownership bodies
  • General assembly
  • Administrative management
  • Accounting management
  • Customer management
  • Management mandate
  • Management technique

LV1 (English, Spanish or Italian)


The European Real Estate Bachelor's training course includes a 12-week internship period where the student is entrusted with several actions related to real estate management or transactions. A salaried job related to the framework can also replace the internship. The student will have to complete a dissertation giving rise to a defense on the missions carried out during this internship.

Students employed during training and in the field of the specialty followed can focus their dissertation on their professional activity.


The exams take place in January, June and October, overall or progressively, in one of the FEDE exam centers. The location will be communicated to you by the educational service. Examination fees, set by the FEDE, are not included in the cost of the training and are the responsibility of the student.

Take your exams online!

Thanks to its recognition and its strong innovation policy, ENACO has joined forces with the FEDE to set up a 100% remote examination system. You take the exams entirely online , in January, June and October, globally or progressively. The oral tests take place in particular by videoconference (subject to modifications to the examination procedures).

You therefore no longer need to travel for the tests and can complete them according to your availability, within the deadlines set by the FEDE. Examination fees, set by the FEDE, are not included in the cost of the training.

Professional opportunities

Obtaining the European Real Estate Bachelor's degree remotely opens the doors to many careers. Below you will find the non-exhaustive list of careers that will be open to you once you have obtained your Bachelor's degree:

  • Real Estate Negotiator
  • Responsible for customer
  • Commercial attaché
  • Local fleet manager
  • Co-ownership manager
  • Property manager

Training costs

Payment in 2 installments (-10%) Payment in 6 installments (-5%) Payment in 12 installments and more

€888 + €2073 = € 2961 € 3290

No exam fees

€937 + (5 x €437.60) = €3125 € 3290

Exam fees not included

€ 3,290

Exam fees not included


Koffi Valery Nguessan

"I am a student in European Bachelor in Real Estate at ENACO , I work as a versatile agent in a financial structure; after the validation of my diploma, I was recruited by another structure for a more important position, I say thank you to ENACO . "

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