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ENACO European Bachelor in International Business

European Bachelor in International Business

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1 Years


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EUR 3,771 / per year *

Distance Learning

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The European Bachelor in International Commerce allows you to obtain the RNCP title of “Marketing and Sales Manager” issued by the CDE FEDE France. This level 6 RNCP qualification (Bac +3 equivalent) is recognized by the State and businesses. It can be covered by continuing professional training schemes such as the AIF or the CPF. Alongside your RNCP title, you also receive the European Bachelor's degree in international trade. This Bac +3 level diploma awards 60 ECTS credits.

The objectives of the training

The European Bachelor in International Commerce trains people to support companies in their economic and commercial development efforts internationally. To do this, you will be trained to:

  • Understand the environment in which the company finds itself (geographical areas, markets)
  • Implement an international commercial strategy
  • Develop and manage an import-export service
  • Adapting to the multimodality of different actors

Skills developed

The distance learning European Bachelor in International Business covers a wide range of skills that you will master at the end of your training. In particular, you will be trained to:

  • Select target geographies and assess the commercial potential of the markets
  • Set up an effective monitoring system
  • Evaluate the company's export capabilities and employee performance
  • Carry out an export commercial development project, by proposing a coherent marketing mix
  • Coordinate a commercial network in a multicultural context
  • Develop a communication plan in an effective multicultural context
  • Plan and manage order processing
  • Negotiating in a multicultural context
  • Organizer of shipping and receiving orders
  • Manage the risks of international operations by implementing appropriate procedures

Prerequisites & conditions for obtaining

The distance learning European Bachelor International Business is accessible to people who have validated a Bac +2 or equivalent diploma to obtain 120 ECTS credits. It awards 60 ECTS credits which then allow, for example, integration into a European Master, such as the European Master in Management and Business Strategy offered by ENACO .

To obtain the RNCP title “Marketing and Sales Manager”, students must:

  • Respect the access conditions / prerequisites
  • Complete all training assignments
  • Carry out the professional mission provided for by the standard
  • Take and pass the exams

The training program

The teaching program aims to train students in all areas of business, particularly on an international scale. They study the international market environment as well as international sales and development. Courses in culture and European citizenship, intercultural management and modern languages (LV1 and LV2 compulsory, LV3 optional) are also provided.

Professional expertise

  • International market environment
  • International development
  • International sales

The European project: culture and democracy for citizenship in action

  • The foundations of European construction
  • The institutions and functioning of the EU
  • The stakes, challenges and future of the EU
  • The EU, Europe and the world

Intercultural management and human resources

  • Intercultural management
  • Human resources in Europe

LV1 (English, Spanish or Italian)

LV2 (English, Spanish or Italian)

Memory media


The European Bachelor in International Trade training course includes a 12-week internship period where the student is entrusted with several actions related to international trade. A salaried job related to the framework can also replace the internship.

Candidates who do not have the opportunity to complete an internship in a company can support their dissertation on theoretical work. In this case, the dissertation project is determined in consultation with the teaching team and the professor in charge of monitoring who will have the role of supervising the project.

Students employed during training and in the field of the specialty followed can focus their dissertation on their professional activity.


The exams take place in January, June and October, overall or progressively, in one of the FEDE exam centers. The location will be communicated to you by the educational service. Examination fees, set by the FEDE, are included in the cost of the training.

Take your exams online!

Thanks to its recognition and its strong innovation policy, ENACO has joined forces with the FEDE to set up a 100% remote examination system. You take the exams entirely online , in January, June and October, globally or progressively. The oral tests take place in particular by videoconference (subject to modifications to the examination procedures).

You therefore no longer need to travel for the tests and can complete them according to your availability, within the deadlines set by the FEDE. Examination fees, set by the FEDE, are included in the cost of the training.

Professional opportunities

The International Commerce Bachelor opens the doors to many careers. Indeed, this distance learning diploma prepares you to carry out an activity in the international sales, marketing and trade sector within an SME or a large company. Find below the non-exhaustive list of positions to which you can apply thanks to your diploma:

  • International business manager
  • International sales manager
  • Export area sales manager
  • Sales manager
  • Head of International Purchasing
  • Import buyer


Gilles C.

"What I particularly appreciate at ENACO is the great availability of the teachers without exception, their attentive listening despite the number of recurring questions from learners! The “remote” mode does not interfere in any way with the quality of teaching . . From course to course, I discover the international dimension of ENACO , which reinforces my pride in having been able to join this school. The concept of ENACO is good and corresponds entirely to what I could expect from it."

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