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EAE | Programas Distancia Master in Business Management and Online Sales
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Master in Business Management and Online Sales

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Main characteristics of our Master in Business Management Online

The commercial management has always been one of the most important departments of the company. But today, as a result of the changes that are taking place in the economy and in the ways of marketing and customer relations, it is becoming even more important.

EAE's Master in Commercial Management, within our distance masters, arises from the demand on the part of companies, to have prepared professionals and with commercial management capacity that allow them to successfully face the constant changes in the markets in which they act and achieve the economic objectives set.

The commercial department as the engine of the company

All business structures have areas or departments that develop, in a more or less direct way, activities focused on offering customer service. However, it is not a secret that, of all of them, it is the commercial management department that initiates the process. It is the one that puts the company to work, so to speak, and the one that ensures its maintenance and growth.

And it is not difficult to find in the business world that, even in sectors and with totally different products, the commercial departments are very similar to each other. The lack of proper commercial management makes the success of any company very difficult (sometimes impossible). Hence, commercial management has always been one of the most important departments and the training need that the master's degree covers.

The way in which the Commercial department is managed is, therefore, a vital aspect for the company itself. Well, it is your face and the source of trust for customers. And today, as a result of the changes that are taking place in the economy and in the ways of doing business and interacting with customers, business management is becoming even more important.

The challenge of business management

The role of the Commercial Director -as the maximum responsible- is fundamental. Well, not only does it have the functions of setting the objectives of the department, planning, directing, making decisions and solving problems, but also acting as a team leader. It must establish the operational and administrative procedures related to sales and marketing activities.

The Master in Business Management is aimed at managers and professionals who wish to consolidate or develop their current skills and acquire new ones. With the aim of being able to successfully face the challenges that the commercial management of a company poses today.

Advantages of studying this master's degree at EAE

Master in Online or Blended modalities

The development of new technologies has allowed the consolidation and growth of online training and blended training. This type of training offers the student a series of advantages that the traditional face-to-face does not offer:

  • Flexible schedule.
  • Adaptation to your schedules.
  • Learn from anywhere.
  • Interactive learning resources.
  • Personalized follow-up.
  • Work and family conciliation.

In Spain, the demand for programs and masters in these modalities has increased by 60%.

Online mode

The students of this modality have a Virtual Campus from which they access academic content, training resources, exercises, services and other activities that allow contact with the tutors and with other students. .

The campus encourages active and collaborative learning by launching forums and debates, papers and activities that enhance the knowledge and skills of students.

Access to the campus can be done from any device connected to the Internet.

Blended mode

In the blended mode, the student has all the online training resources to which are added those of the face-to-face mode, such as classes or face-to-face sessions.

The face-to-face sessions are held regularly at EAE's headquarters in Barcelona and Madrid. They are of the following types:

  • Module Sessions

They are practical sessions that the student can attend once they have completed the topics in each module.

  • Masterclass sessions

They are open sessions of a practical and transversal nature in which an exhibition is combined with a practical case. They are open to all students, regardless of the module they are doing at that time.

  • One to One Tutorials

Individualized counseling sessions in which the student can choose between conducting a coaching session, meeting with an expert or conducting a project tutorial. The student has 4 sessions or tutorials.

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