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Dulles University Doctor Business Administration (DBA)
Dulles University

Doctor Business Administration (DBA)

36 Months


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Sep 2024

USD 650 / per credit *

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The goal of the Doctor of Business Administration program is to broaden an individual’s understanding of the managerial processes and the inter-relationships between domestic and international issues. The program is designed to prepare leaders for senior level positions with a breadth of knowledge to address the challenges of complex international issues. Upon completion of the program, the DBA graduate will be prepared in both theories and in practice on how to manage in the international arena for a range of business types in the global marketplace.

Program Objectives:

- To enhance comprehension of human behavior in international/global organizations - To enhance knowledge of human resource issues facing international organizations - To build an understanding of industrial organization and organizational theory in global/international operations - To build a strong foundation on business management and research for high-level decision making in business - To build an understanding of organizational strategy and firm performance - To develop knowledge and skills in research methodologies

Managers need to be able to communicate clearly and compellingly if they are to serve as leaders in business, government, and non-profit organizations. The program, therefore, emphasizes various strategies to effectively communicate both orally and in written formats.

Admissions Criteria

Each applicant for admission will be given a personal evaluation of their academic record and national test results to help assess their chance of success in completing this program of study.

The criteria included in this evaluation are:

A solid undergraduate record. The applicant’s area of studies is less important than the accomplishment of a successful record of academic achievement.

An earned Master’s degree. If the degree is not a Master of Business Administration (MBA) then a Master’s degree in a closely related field is required. Applicants who have not undertaken MBA coursework might be required to complete up to four preparatory courses to assure readiness for the rigors of Doctoral study in business and management.

Demonstrated success in the operation of a business, not-for-profit organization, or government agency.

The applicant’s personal statement of his or her reason for pursuing a Doctoral degree program and how the applicant’s background has prepared him or her for academic success. The results of the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) are not required for admission to the program. The applicant, however, may wish to submit such scores in support of his or her application.

Applicants whose graduate degree was completed in a language other than English must submit evidence of English competence either through their TOEFL or IELTS scores as a part of their admissions materials.

Program Structure

The program is designed in a cohort format. Students are part of a group comprised of other Doctoral students who progress through the program together. This approach creates learning through group dynamics and aids in developing problem-solving skills vital for achievement in the world of business.

It is expected that students take two courses per term (semester) until they reach the dissertation level after which each course must be taken sequentially. The length of the program is planned for three (3) years. If a student can show extenuating circumstances, the time for completion may be extended to as much as four and one-half (4 1/2) years with the approval of the Dean.

The program consists of 60 credits as follows:

- 36 credits of major coursework - 12 credits of research courses - 12 credits of dissertation courses

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