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University of Houston – Conrad N. Hilton College of Global Hospitality Leadership

University of Houston – Conrad N. Hilton College of Global Hospitality Leadership

University of Houston – Conrad N. Hilton College of Global Hospitality Leadership


Hilton College was founded by hotel icon Conrad N. Hilton in 1969 and is consistently ranked among the top hospitality programs in the world. We are the only hospitality program in the world where students work and take classes in an internationally branded, full-service hotel – 70 percent of hotel team members are students. Our specialized business degree program in hospitality offers seven undergraduate, graduate, and Doctoral degrees, and a minor in Beverage Management and Marketing.

Today, the Conrad N. Hilton College of Global Hospitality Leadership is a world leader in hospitality education and has produced nearly 10,000 graduates who work in hospitality leadership positions around the globe. Our alumni are a testament to the power of our hospitality degree and the strength of our industry partnerships.


Undergraduate Admissions

If you're interested in pursuing at Hilton College, under the following admission:

  • Freshman Admissions
  • Transfer Admissions
  • International Admissions

Once you’re familiar with the admissions process and requirements, you’re ready to apply!

Apply Now

First-Year Freshman Students

You will apply as a first-year freshman if you are a high school senior or if you graduated high school/GED but never attended a college or university.

Transfer Students

You will apply as a transfer student if you have graduated high school and earned, or will earn 15 or more credit hours. Want to see how many course credits will transfer over to Hilton College? See the Transfer Credit Estimator details on our website.

International Students

You will apply as an international student if you are a citizen of a country outside of the U.S. Learn more about the application process and requirements as an International Freshman or International Transfer student on our college website.

Application Process

  • Apply Online
  • Pay Application Fees
  • Self-Report Your Transcript
  • Submit Test Scores
  • Check Your Status
  • Become an #OfficialCoog

Graduate Admissions

Elevate Your Potential

Graduate studies represent an invaluable investment in yourself. If you want to elevate your career and make yourself more marketable in the highly competitive global hospitality industry, the University of Houston Conrad N. Hilton College of Global Hospitality Leadership is the BEST place to pursue your graduate education.

Choose a Degree

Whether you already have industry experience, have just earned your bachelor’s degree, or are a “people person” who wants to reinvent yourself with a new career, the graduate experience at Hilton College allows you to elevate your potential by preparing you to excel, lead and increase your earning potential in the opportunity-rich hospitality industry.

Admissions Criteria

All of our graduate programs have the same application website, but each degree has different admission criteria. For specific details, please visit each program’s website or contact the graduate program staff.


Graduate students are advised initially by graduate program staff. Depending on each program’s structure, students may be assigned a faculty advisor. For more information, please visit each program’s website.

Scholarships and Funding

Undergraduate and graduate students at Hilton College have several options for scholarships and financial assistance. Scholarships are granted based on academic achievement, student leadership, participation in student organizations, honors, and awards received, work experience, references, accuracy, and timeliness in the application process.

List of Scholarships

  • Agnes DeFranco Scholarship Endowment
  • Alice H. Banks, CHAE Endowed Scholarship
  • Allen Hermansen Scholarship
  • Amdor-Stone Scholarship
  • Aramark Scholarship
  • Aramark/Al Emami Scholarship
  • Asian American Hotel Owners Association Scholarship Endowment
  • Brinker International Endowed Scholarship
  • Bristol Hotels Scholarship
  • Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine Scholarship
  • C. Victor Richard Scholarship
  • Camille & Lisl Bermann Scholarship
  • Charles Fitzsimmons Scholarship
  • Charles Warczak Jr. Scholarship
  • Coach Don Smith Scholarship Endowment
  • Conrad N. Hilton College General Scholarship
  • Conrad N. Hilton Jr. Scholarship for Excellence
  • Crawfish Shack/Dan and Jennifer Meaux Scholarship
  • Culinaria San Antonio Scholarship Endowment
  • Curtis Carlson Nelson Scholarship
  • Curtis Nelson Scholarship Endowment
  • Donna and Tony Vallone Scholarship
  • Douglas C. Keister Scholarship
  • Earle Wyatt Scholarship
  • Edward C. Dais Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Hold Reyna Scholarship
  • Eric's Club Rising Seniors Scholarship Endowment
  • Erik J. Worscheh Endowment
  • F. H. "Ted" Waskey Endowment Fund
  • Food & Beverage Managers Association of Houston Wine Education
  • Four Seasons Hotel Scholarship
  • Fred and Mabel R. Parks Foundation Wine Education
  • Fred and Mabel R. Parks Scholarship Endowment
  • G6 Hospitality Scholarship Endowment
  • Garret Dawson "Sonny" Look Endowment
  • George & Myrajane Hall Scholarship
  • Gerald Lattin Scholarship
  • Gershen Family Scholarship Endowment (formerly Gershen Family/Paul Parker Memorial Scholarship)
  • Ghulam Bombaywala Scholarship Endowment
  • Glazer's Distributors Endowed Scholarship
  • Gourmet Night Scholarship Endowment
  • Gourmet Night/Robert Raulston Scholarship
  • Greater Houston Restaurant Association Scholarship
  • Gregory J. Pappas Memorial Scholarship
  • Harmon Dobson/Whataburger Scholarship
  • H-E-B Scholarship Endowment
  • Heinz (Henri) G. Lewin Scholarship Endowment
  • Herbert O. Wilson Scholarship
  • Hilton College Alumni Board Scholarship
  • Holly & Doug Brooks Scholarship & Summer Camp Endowment
  • Hospitality Financial Technology Professionals Raymond C. Ellis
  • Hospitality Industry Diversity Institute Quasi Endowment
  • Hospitality Industry Hall of Honor Scholarship Endowment
  • Hospitality Without Borders Endowment
  • Hotel Sales Marketing Association International (HSMAI) Scholarship
  • Houston Concierge Association Scholarship
  • HRM Dean's Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • International Wine & Food Society Student Assistantship Endowment
  • James B. "Sam" Bass, CCM Scholarship
  • Jeff Diskin Scholarship Endowment
  • Jimmie Dee Fore Scholarship
  • Jo Fischer Scholarship
  • JP Sutherland Memorial Scholarship
  • Ken Faour Scholarship Endowment
  • Kiolbassa Scholarship Endowment
  • Kris Westbrook Student Leadership Endowment
  • Larry Forehand Scholarship
  • Latino Hotel & Restaurant Scholarship
  • Lawrence W. Shipley Scholarship
  • Lee Gernander Scholarship
  • Leonard D. McNeill Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Leonard Rolston Scholarship
  • Lonnie W. Simmons Endowment
  • Luby's, Inc. Endowed Scholarship
  • Marriott Foundation Excellence
  • Mary Douglas Scholarship
  • Mary Look Scholarship
  • Massad Family Scholarship
  • McCann Family Scholarship Endowment
  • McIngvale Gaming Scholarship Endowment
  • Michael D. Rose Family Scholarship
  • My Table Magazine Scholarship
  • Nat Hart Scholarship
  • National Association of Catering and Events Scholarship (NACE)
  • Norma/Jimmie Perusina Scholarship Endowment
  • Norman E. Brinker Scholarship Endowment
  • Oberoi Holdings Endowment
  • Pappas Restaurant Endowed Scholarship
  • Par Excellence Scholarship
  • Peter J. Tomach Scholarship
  • Rappole-Sheridan Scholarship
  • Ray A. Kroc Hospitality Business Scholarship
  • Richard K. Campbell Scholarship
  • Robert & Sharron Planck Scholarship
  • Rockett Latin America/Study Abroad Endowment
  • Rosemary Garbett Scholarship
  • San Antonio Hotel & Lodging Association Scholarship Endowment
  • San Antonio Restaurant Association Scholarship Endowment
  • Scott Hardy Memorial Scholarship
  • Southwell, Steger Brecunier Scholarship Endowment
  • STAR Anniversary Scholarship
  • Stecklein Family Scholarship
  • Steve/Carol White Student Assistantship/Scholarship Endowment
  • Sugar Land Wine & Food Affair Scholarship
  • Texas Hotel & Lodging Association Scholarship
  • Tourism Cares/Dr. William Wright Scholarship
  • UH San Antonio Alumni Scholarship
  • US Foods Scholarship
  • Vargo Family Scholarship
  • Whataburger San Antonio Scholarship Endowment
  • William J. DeLaney Sysco Scholarship
  • Wolf H. Hengst Scholarship
  • Wyllys K. "Bill" and Becky Scholarship Endowment

All scholarship recipients must:

  • Maintain a cumulative and semester grade point average of 3.0
  • Maintain full-time enrollment status each semester
  • Declare Global Hospitality Leadership as a major
  • Complete at least one Global Hospitality Leadership course each semester
  • Agree to adhere to the University's Academic Honesty Policy
  • Attend a mandatory scholarship orientation session

Undergraduate students are eligible to receive a Hilton College scholarship for a maximum of 8 semesters, and graduate students are eligible for 4 semesters. Please note that scholarships are NOT automatically renewed. Recipients are required to renew their scholarship applications annually.

  • Applications for incoming students (graduate and undergraduate) are accepted from October 1 to January 31.
  • Applications for current Hilton College students (graduate and undergraduate) and scholarship renewals are accepted from October 1 to May 31.


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    4450 University Drive, Room 227, 77204, Houston