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Barcelona Culinary HUB

Barcelona Culinary HUB

Barcelona Culinary HUB


The world of gastronomy has changed, and the way of studying it too

The Barcelona Culinary HUB is the Higher School of Gastronomy with a focus on management and business vision applied to restaurants.

The main objective is to turn students into great professionals in the areas of management, technique and production in the gastronomy, restaurant and food sector, combining culinary skills with business vision.

The pillars of the school are based on innovation, gastronomic training and research, sustainability and creativity.

We are the link between gastronomy and management.

Barcelona Culinary HUB is the gastronomic school based in Barcelona. With an innovative spirit and based on the latest trends, the school was created to add value to the culinary world, thus ensuring that professionals and/or future professionals acquire the necessary knowledge to manage and achieve success in this highly competitive sector.

BCH is committed to a quality academic model, based on the "learning by doing" methodology. This methodology offers the student to respond to market demands from a perspective of innovation and continuous improvement.

Our origin

BCH was born in Barcelona, one of the best-rated gastronomic destinations. The school follows the guidelines that mark this city: plurality, avant-garde and innovation. It is the birthplace of great culinary authors and famous restaurants awarded with Michelin Stars or Repsol Suns.

On the other hand, Barcelona is one of the most important capitals of the Mediterranean, which is why its products and gastronomy provide a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle that is reflected in the spirit and essence of Barcelona Culinary HUB .

Why Study in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan, avant-garde and vibrant city that is characterized by the union between tradition and innovation. The city of Barcelona offers endless leisure plans, unique gastronomy, architecture recognized throughout the world, art, sea and mountain landscapes, both a local and international atmosphere and a unique essence that makes it one of the best places. where to live. Barcelona is the cradle of countless artists from all fields, where creativity, inspiration, innovation and motivation to add value to the world are brewed. Come discover it!

Planet Training and Universities

Barcelona Culinary HUB is part of Planeta Formación y Universidades, Grupo Planeta's international higher education network. It has twenty-two educational institutions in Spain, Andorra, France, Italy, North Africa, the United States and Colombia. Every year more than 100,000 students from 114 different nationalities are trained through its business schools, universities, specialized colleges and vocational training centers.

Why study at BCH?

  • International and Professional Recognition
  • Barcelona, city of origin
  • Connection point between kitchen and management
  • Global vision
  • International network of contacts
  • Collaboration with companies in the sector

With Passion, To Help You in the Career Plan You Want

Masters in Lifelong Training

A university training offer adapted to the needs of the sector. Trainings with a great focus on management and its different processes, without leaving aside creativity, avant-garde cuisine and the latest techniques. A comprehensive training concept, where you can enhance management techniques and communication skills.

Campus Features

Campus Focused on Industry

Also aligned with our educational value and methodology, reflecting a dedicated space for the practice of culinary technique and product that provides our students with the ability to experiment with different cooking and food service methods.

The campus is aligned with our mission, vision and values, among which our strong commitment to the environment, ecology and the development of the local ecosystem stands out. Focusing on our educational value and methodology, we offer a space dedicated to gastronomic research (Gastro LAB), food development and design (FOOD R&D) and practice in culinary technique and products through practical classrooms dedicated to each one. of the culinary fields. Providing our students with the opportunity to generate an innovative impact in the sector through experimentation with different cooking and food service methods.

  • More than 4,000 M2 of Gastronomic Hub
  • Less than 20 minutes from the center of Barcelona
  • Spaces Created for Active Learning
  • Culinary Research Center + Gastro Lab

In-person Bch Programs in Barcelona

At the HUB we offer face-to-face courses in Barcelona designed to give you a unique learning experience in the world of cooking and gastronomy.

Our gastronomy programs will allow you to develop practical cooking skills, learn advanced culinary techniques and discover the secrets of local and international gastronomy. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other students and work on exciting culinary projects.

Our in-person gastronomy courses are designed for people of all ages and levels of cooking experience. We have a team of gastronomy and cooking experts, who will be available to help you at all times.


    • L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

      Avinguda de la Granvia de l’Hospitalet, 153, 08908, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

    • L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

      Avinguda de la Granvia de l’Hospitalet, 153, 08908, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat