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Alfred Nobel Open Business School Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Mobile and Digital Marketing
Alfred Nobel Open Business School

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Mobile and Digital Marketing

2 Semesters


Part time

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EUR 5,000 / per semester

Distance Learning


Two years of study in one year!

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a postgraduate course confirming the highest managerial qualifications, aimed at experienced high-level managers and business people. DBA studies - Mobile & Digital Marketing is the only study programme in this part of the world for high-class specialists in the field of digital & mobile marketing, the fastest growing area of ​​marketing. The studies are based on the most up-to-date, advanced technological knowledge.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) - Mobile & Digital Marketing studies are rigorously assessed and continuously improved.

Graduates of this specific DBAprogramme represent an elite group of high-class specialists in mobile & digital marketing, guaranteeing both themselves and the potential future employer a high level of services offered. We propose an innovative teaching plan, both in terms of content and practice, creating a virtual work area that enables faster implementation of the acquired knowledge. We educate according to the method of training well-known in the USA for qualified management personnel, who perfectly penetrate the area of ​​new technologies, marketing and digital & mobile marketing.

Creative technological and application solutions, as well as new organization and administration systems, enable easy and pleasant education.

This specialization covers the concepts, tools, and techniques needed to communicate with customers in a systematic and integrated way and to create effective, targeted promotional campaigns. When you complete the Mobile and Digital Marketing Specialization, you will understand strategic marketing concepts and the tools required to make informed decisions and set the direction for your company, business unit, department, or product line in a digital ecosystem.

The DBA in Digital and Mobile Marketingprogramme will help you to create and deliver effective mobile marketing campaigns. You will cover the concepts and trends underpinning mobile marketing, and take an in- depth look at SMS campaigns and mobile optimized websites.

You will look at the emergent trends within the mobile space and recognize the new opportunity afforded by “always on” mobile devices, for interacting effectively with specific audiences based on context and location.

The Mobile Marketing module covers the key concepts and terminology used within the field of mobile marketing and provides you with the technical knowledge and skills to build and maintain an effective mobile marketing strategy. You will develop the knowledge and skills to run effective campaigns through the selection of appropriate tools and resources, and through mobile subscriber list management techniques.

With our unique modular approach to delivering our programmes, our industry-leading ratio of students to instructors, and our small, focused online class sizes, we can take the time to ensure every one of our students truly succeeds in understanding how to grow a business to serving clients at an agency. You will get experience in group dynamics, organisational change, technology platforms and strategy. You will gain a holistic experience in each module, making your skills easier to apply in the real world.

Training is provided online with lectures, videos, and consultant assistance.

The course ends with the submission of a thesis and its defense.



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