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Alfred Nobel Open Business School


Alfred Nobel Open Business School Switzerland

There are few countries that, using a fashionable expression, can often be thought of as a brand. Brand building is enviable and must be followed, as the products and services that have become concepts, from the Swiss army knife to the watch, to the SWISS airline, strengthen each other. Of course, this also means that quality, precision and accuracy can be associated with each of them And here we practically reached one of the keys to success. In Switzerland, regulation and quality covering every detail are the guarantee that we cannot be disappointed, misled, or go wrong. This is what we offer to our students.

Decades of experience and quality attract our students from all continents of the world. We are proud to have candidates from 50 countries and have built an international network of student contacts.

Business life is conducted in different ways all over the world. This can be learned from books, but here you can learn it directly from our professors from different parts of the world. They present the business world of their continent in addition to university knowledge.

The purpose of our English-language training programmes is to arouse the desire for knowledge, to develop practice-orientation, to prepare for life with applicable knowledge and to train professionals who are hungry for success. These are the most important pillars of our educational institution on which our students can build their careers.

Our candidates can participate in online courses, so they don’t have to put their professional career behind during their studies. Students can even write their thesis/dissertation in their own language, taking into account professional aspects, on a topic close to their field of expertise.

ANOBS’ philosophy is “practical training, producing marketable professionals longing for success”.

Our principles:

  • Arousing a desire for knowledge
  • Practice orientation
  • Acquisition of usable knowledge
  • Marketability
  • Professionalism


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  • Zürich

    Zürich, Switzerland