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Join us at The MBA Tour to connect with leading business schools from around the world! Our intelligent matching algorithm distills decades of experience to recommend the best schools for you. We’ll make the introductions, give you access to exclusive panels and discussions, and help you network with admissions professionals, alumni, and fellow candidates.

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  • Belgium: Monday, October 26
  • Poland: Tuesday, October 27
  • Italy: Wednesday, October 28
  • Germany: Thursday, October 29

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The MBA Tour Virtual Events


Meet the world’s leading business schools all in one place. Chat live with admissions professionals and meet other candidates, current students, and business school alumni.


Our smart algorithm will match you with schools that best meet your ambitions for small group meetings. Let us make the introductions so you can be your best.


Hear specialist advice on applying, getting accepted, and financing your degree. Get exclusive GMAT tips from the exam creators.


Don’t miss the chance to win GMAT exam vouchers, access fee waivers, get admissions advice, and explore exclusive content only available to attendees.

The MBA Tour™ Virtual Meetup

Make a lasting impression with admissions decision-makers and find your right-fit school during small group meetups.

We’ve distilled decades of experience into an intelligent matching algorithm that recommends the best schools for you. During the 25-minute, face-to-face video sessions, you can ask questions and get a better feel for the program and if it’s right for you.

Additional Event Features

Keynote Speaker

Hear from some of our universities’ most notable local alumni on how their business school experience shaped their careers. These 10-minute keynotes are followed by Q+A sessions, giving you the perfect opportunity to learn why an MBA has been vital to the success of these business leaders and entrepreneurs.

MBA Talks

Explore the unique features of various business programs during these 25-minute interactive presentations. Not only will you get a valuable overview of programs, but you will also hear more about their take on topics like entrepreneurship, leadership, technology, careers, and more. And, get your top questions answered during the Q+A live chat. 

Advising Sessions

Take the stress out of your business school application by learning from the specialists! During 25-minute interactive webinar-style sessions, you will hear from test prep organizations, admissions consultants, young professional networks, financial institutions, and others to help you better navigate your business school journey.

Open Networking

Network with schools, current students, alumni, and fellow applicants. Stop by the virtual Exhibition Hall, where you can navigate the booths of top business schools, gather information on programs, and interact in real-time with admissions representatives. In the Networking Lounge, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with current students and alumni, as well as your fellow

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We create an environment where our partner schools have a chance to connect with talent at a powerful, personal level, and foster bonds with highly qualified candidates.

We create an environment where our partner schools have a chance to connect with talent at a powerful, personal level, and foster bonds with highly qualified candidates. Read less
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