Professional master sds design management


20 locations available

Program Description


  • Follow an online training.
  • Develop a personal project.
  • Namely designing all stages of the organization of a design project.
  • Taking the measure of economic realities and challenges of the managerial function.
  • Able to position itself as a manager of a project team.
  • Get a good level of professional English.
  • Choosing a specialization among the proposed 3: Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design.


The MASTER MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL DESIGN SDS® is a European diploma from the INSHED. The training allows to be professionally operational by the beginning of your career and enjoy good employability, beyond even your country.


To start your training project, nothing more simple, you simply download the detailed training that interests you. From that moment :

  • We support you in your thinking,
  • We reflect with you on the suitability of your chosen course with the training,
  • We validate you with all the practical aspects (training, exams, job alternation ...)
  • We also advise you on possible funding,
  • And of course, our advice, as taking charge of your case, are graceful.
Last updated August 2017

About the School

ESMAC, EXHAUSTEUR DE TALENTS LA FORMATION À DISTANCE AU PLUS PROCHE DE VOTRE RÉUSSITE ! ESMAC est une école supérieure d’arts appliqués, de design, de graphisme et d’événementiel dont l’originalité es... Read More

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