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You want to make a successful start-up company out of your business idea? Are you looking for a job as an employed entrepreneur? For you, the professional consulting of company founders is an exciting task to develop new business fields through targeted innovation and to develop a profitable business with powerful strategies? Then the intercultural study course "Entrepreneurship and Innovation - MBA"Just right for you! This course offers you the ideal combination of business, economic and legal know-how combined with innovation, start-up management and management methods. Outstanding interdisciplinary career prospects - as a senior consultant, business start-up consultant or technology manager, for example - are open to you with this Master of Business Administration.

Your study set-up

The accompanying AKAD-distance study course "Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Master of Business Administration"Is divided into four consecutive semesters:

  • Semester 1 : Application-oriented, you will immediately use learned knowledge to answer challenging practical questions. Your ambition is required when it comes to examining the market acceptance of your business idea and developing a solid financing. You can acquire knowledge in Entrepreneurial Marketing, Law, Tax, Project Management and Change Management either in the orientation workshop or later on a specialist seminar - you determine how you can proceed and strengthen your key qualifications independently on both paths.
  • Semester 2 : Successful entrepreneurial activity is in semester two on the study plan. They learn about modern innovation processes from the idea through product development to market launch. They concretely deal with decision-making situations in the company environment and work out practical solutions based on learned company models.
  • Semester 3 : In the planning game "General Management", as well as in your own or predefined business cases, you will test yourself independently or in a team on strategic decisions of a fictitious company. In this way, you can apply the competency acquired from the first two semesters holistically. In. 3 Semesters, you also have the opportunity to choose from five wells that fit for you. Your scientific work is accompanied by mentors who advise you professionally on research or application-oriented tasks. Voluntary theme seminars intensify the knowledge in your field of well-being.
  • Semester 4 : Your master's thesis is the completion of your MBA studies. Within the framework of your Master Thesis, you will solve your problems using scientific methods.

If you are interested in international contacts, take the option of the three-week study stay in Sacramento, USA, during your distance learning studies. Learn more about the California Campus Program!


  • Business model development UFU81 UFU82 | UFU83
  • International Innovation Management PEW82 PEW83 | PEW84
  • Electronic Entrepreneurship INT80 | INT81 INT82
  • Entrepreneurial Finance FDL80 | FDL81 FDL82
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Law WIR80 | WE81 | WIR82


Prospects for the target group - in the distance study program for the MBA Entrepreneurship and Innovation

In a company world in constant change, current and flexible knowledge is the best asset for positions in top management. To have ideas and to translate them successfully into business models and strategies or to advise founders is a strongly demanded competence. Whether you are an entrepreneur, consultant or founder, the MBA "Entrepreneurship and Innovation"Combines everything you need to know in management and management positions. Business and legal know-how, practical knowledge about efficient innovation management and modern management tools - expertise that makes you a highly sought-after executive in small and medium-sized enterprises, for family businesses as well as in large international companies. Look forward to cross-industry career opportunities at the highest level!

Your Master's program at AKAD: digital, independent of location and time

With the digital AKAD Campus highly efficient to the Master

Use your time resources optimally and support your learning type with tailor-made study units, flexible examination planning and the right mix of self-controlled and supervised learning!

The digital AKAD campus simplifies the acquisition of your Master's degree: As a pivotal point of study, this virtual marketplace offers everything you need for a successful construction program: when and where you want to be online, your study documents will be available Simply keep in touch with your fellow students. Rascher, in doing so well-founded knowledge acquisition on the AKAD campus promotes your motivation and shows you your learner immediately. The AKAD Campus allows you to take your individual route to the Master:

  • Distance Learning: practice-oriented, up-to-date and clearly structured study letters - understandable learning units that come to your home comfortably!
  • Distance e-learning: effective learning through online exercises, online coaching and web-based training - Reliability for content to be secure!
  • Interactive eLearning: personally supervised by tutors and in direct exchange with fellow students - more knowledge and direct availability of the content for even more motivation!
  • Seminars (optional): complementary to the virtual learning forms On-site seminars - use the learned methods in concrete questions immediately!

Admission Requirements

At the start of your studies, you must prove successful at a recognized university in Germany or abroad (Berufsakademie, Bachelor, Diplom, Uni / FH-Abschluss). In addition, you need at least one year of qualified professional practice. In addition, language skills are required in English to successfully complete the English-language modules.

What exactly is expected at the Fernstudium Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Master of Business Administration?

A topic of the MBA course "Entrepreneurship and Innovation"Is efficient innovation management. in the Study Letter MA_Entrepreneurship_und_Innovation_PEW603 You will learn about conceptual design and methods of success analysis. Your Lecturers, Prof. Dr. Horst Geschka and Martina Geschka, you will be familiar with systematic innovation and structured procedures. For increased chances of success, you will learn from the outset to involve customers, suppliers, research institutes and freelancers or to apply open innovation in the form of crowdsourcing. In the study letter of the Fernstudium "Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Master of Business Administration", you will learn how to use creativity techniques, including eight methods from brainstorming to stimulus confrontation to the morphological tableau for ideas. Your skills as an innovation manager will be trained and enable you to recognize promising innovation approaches and to implement them through R & D projects.

Learn in the Sample of the study letter "Ideas and Conceptual Development" at AKAD University also know these areas:

  • Needs and problems for innovation
  • Involvement of customers in concept development for innovations
  • Open innovation as a source of ideas
  • For innovation through creativity techniques
  • Selection of innovation ideas
  • idea management

Convince yourself: The AKAD Campus with its flexible, individual and efficient Study model makes it easy for you to access all the contents of the MBA Entrepreneurship and Innovation: You will learn where and when you want, and arrange your professional study program with your individual time resources - as you wish.

Our offer to you: Test your Master's program at AKAD University 4 weeks free. By asking On the subject of "professional accompanying studying" is our friendly and qualified AKAD Academic Advising Under the number 0711 81495-400 gladly personally for you there. We look forward to hearing from you!

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