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A bachelor’s degree, which requires four years of study, gives students the opportunity to improve their knowledge and training in a specific field. With their increased skill proficiency, students may qualify for a career with better pay upon graduation.

Those who pursue education as a career will undergo courses that are designed to train future educators. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of courses designed for students who wish to supplement any teaching credentials. These courses are offered at various institutions across the globe.

Online Bachelor in Education in Mexico

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Universidad Tecmilenio

Create teaching-learning strategies to contribute to the development of people. ... [+]

Graduate Profile

As a professional in Education and Development, you can apply your knowledge and develop yourself in:

Educational institutions Business training areas Governmental areas of planning and educational management Research Centers The world of entrepreneurship when creating your own company Curriculum


Education History Introduction to the career Logic-mathematical reasoning development seminar Seminar on verbal skills


Effective communication Computing: Microsoft Office and internet Education and Development Modern Theories of Learning Pedagogy and general didactics Biostatistics


Positive Psychology Crimes Modern Theories of Teaching Child and special learning. Logical thinking and argumentation Personality, motivation and efficiency Psychology of the education ... [-]
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July 2019
9 semesters
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