Bachelor / Professional Degree in Business Administration


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Program Description

Obtain a US degree from your country, with a 100% online program and totally in Spanish. No Visa Not TOEFL.


The program's core courses provide a well-rounded business administration foundation and you have the opportunity to delve into specific disciplines to improve your skills and prepare them to enter a variety of professional fields. In some cases, you can also work with faculty to create a personalized path along with the foundation that develops skills to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. Additionally, the flexibility of the optional courses offered in the online and on-campus experiences allows you to further explore the customization of your educational experience.

Program objectives

  1. Develop business management approaches that align with organizational philosophies and help build collaborative relationships with diverse teams
  2. Solve problems in functional areas integrating personal values with ethical, legal and socially responsible business practices
  3. Articulate the implications of global and social contexts for business decisions
  4. Recommend creative and strategic business options using data collected through current research and technology applications
  5. Communicate effectively with diverse internal and external audiences to contribute to a positive team climate and address diverse strategic and operational business needs

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At SNHU, each student's path is unique. The number of courses required in each area of study will depend on the specific grade selected and the number of approved credits that a student has.

General education courses

42 Total Credits

Must include:

  • ECO201ES - Microeconomics (3)
  • ECO202ES - Macroeconomic (3)
  • MAT240ES - Applied Statistics (3)
Basic business training courses

30 total credits

Primary Electives or Choose a Concentration

15 total credits

Complete all of the following:

  • OL215ES - Principles of Management (3)
  • Earned at least 12 credits from: ACC ADV, BUS, ECO, FIN, FMM, FMK, HCM, IHP, INT, MGT, MIS, MKT, OL, PAD, QSO, SPT or TAX 100-499 courses
  • Minimum of 6 credits of courses numbered 300 to 499
  • Maximum of 6 credits in any prefix
Free Electives

33 Total Credits

Grand Total Credits: 120



The concentration of the Bachelor / Professional Degree in Business Administration in Accounting gives you the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in financial accounting practices, preparing you to assess the financial performance of an organization and support stakeholders in decision making. You complete the accounting cycle, prepare complex financial statements, identify and correct financial reporting problems, create budgets, and perform relationship analysis to evaluate financial information.

Objectives of the concentration

Determine the appropriate use of accounting processes, theory, and data in the preparation and analysis of financial documentation that meets industry standards and organizational requirements.


Complete all of the following:

  • ACC307ES - Interim Accounting I (3)
  • ACC308ES - Interim Accounting II (3)
  • ACC309ES - Interim Accounting III (3)
  • ACC207ES - Cost Accounting (3)
  • ACC345ES - Analysis of financial statements and business valuation (3)

Total credits: 15


The Bachelor of Business Administration concentration in Finance provides an overview of financial management for organizations and individuals that includes various financial planning strategies and investment vehicles. You analyze quantitative and qualitative data to address a variety of financial scenarios. You are introduced to corporate finance in a global environment and examine the effects that exchange rate volatility, international risk, and macroeconomic fluctuations have on financial planning and decision making.

Objectives of the concentration

Analyze various types of financial information to make informed personal and corporate financial decisions.


Complete all of the following:

  • FIN250ES - Personal Financial Planning (3)
  • FIN330ES - Corporate Finance (3)
  • FIN340ES - Investment fundamentals (3)
  • FIN335ES - Financial markets (3)
  • FIN336ES - Multinational Corporate Finance (3)

Total credits: 15

International Business

The concentration of the Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business prepares you to contribute to the administration and decision making of national and multinational organizations challenged by global competition. You apply current international business concepts and theories to real-world scenarios and explore effective management processes and strategies to address multinational business challenges.

Objectives of the concentration

  • Analyze applicable data and research to inform appropriate and ethical international business strategy and management decisions.
  • Apply management principles and appropriate business strategies to address political, economic, social and environmental challenges in multinational organizational contexts.


Complete all of the following:

  • INT221ES - The global financial system (3)
  • INT315ES - International Administration (3)
  • INT433ES - Multinational Marketing (3)
  • INT400ES - International business projects (3)
  • INT422ES - International strategic management (3)

Total credits: 15


The concentration of the Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing introduces you to several professional areas within the field of accelerated and constantly evolving marketing. This concentration gives you the opportunity to explore marketing areas, through a business lens, in areas such as market research, marketing, and social media communication and consumer behavior.

Objectives of the concentration

Use marketing principles to develop various aspects of the marketing mix to address challenges and achieve organizational goals.


Complete all of the following:

  • MKT265ES - Social Media and Marketing Communications (3)
  • MKT337ES - Market Research (3)
  • MKT345ES - Consumer Behavior (3)

Earned at least 6 credits from: MKT or ADV Courses 100-499

  • FMM225ES - Goods Planning (3)
  • FMM325ES - Sustainability in fashion (3)
  • FMM340ES - Merchandise Management Strategies (3)
  • FMM410ES - Fashion research and forecasting (3)

Total credits: 15

Project management

The Bachelor of Business Administration concentration in Project Management provides you with the opportunity to develop the fundamental knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to meet organizational and stakeholder requirements in project planning, implementation, and evaluation. You explore all elements of the project life cycle and learn the techniques and tools involved in project management, taking time, cost, quality, risk and resources into account in the decision-making and management process. .

Objectives of the concentration

Integrate project management methodologies, tools, and practices for appropriate use in planning, implementing, and evaluating projects that address the requirements of the organization and stakeholders.


At least 1 of the following was completed:

  • QSO340ES - Project Management (3)
  • QSO345ES - Project management for CAPM® certification (3)

The following was completed:

  • QSO349ES - Project Procurement and Procurement (3)
  • QSO355ES - Estimation and programming of resources (3)
  • QSO420ES - Integrated cost and schedule control (3)
  • QSO435ES - Adaptive Project Management (3)

Total credits: 15

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